Is There a Demand for Workers in Canada?

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Workers in Demand in Canada

Canada is in constant need for Foreign Workers. Online resources are very helpful in finding a Canadian employer who is willing to hire a Foreign Worker.

What Kinds of Offers Can You Receive from Canadian Employers?

You can get two kinds of offers from Canadian employers. They can either offer you permanent employment or temporary employment.

Permanent Employment

If a Canadian employer offers you a permanent job, then you may also be eligible for Permanent Residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Arranged Employment program.

Temporary Employment

If a Canadian employer offers you a temporary or contractual job offer, you may also be eligible for a temporary work permit.

Temporary employment allows you to get a Work Visa from a Canadian Embassy. There are many foreign individuals who come to Canada under the Work Permit and then apply for Permanent Residency at a later date. There are various methods to apply for Permanent Residence once you are working for a Canadian employer in Canada. Once you are here in Canada on a Work permit, many options open up to you.

How Can I Use Online Resources to Find a Job in Canada?

To find a job in Canada, it is very helpful to understand what the Canadian employers are looking for in their employees. It is also important to work on all aspects of your career planning items. You must work up a nice and stylized CV or resume. You should also prepare an engaging yet precise and to the point covering letter. You must enhance your interview skills. You can also improve your work ethics and attitude to improve your job chances.

There are many tools available online that will help you locate a perfect job in Canada and also prepare you for the interview. Some of these tools are discussed below:

  •  Job Searching Tools: Many websites provide job searching tools specific to a country based on your skills and experience. These tools help you find a job that is in accordance to your qualification and experience.
  • Reading Website FAQ's: There are many problem faced when looking for jobs in Canada over the internet. Questions like what language qualifications I need for a job or what professional qualification is necessary for a particular category. There are many website that answer most of these kinds of questions in their FAQ's that might be of use to you. You should go through them. This will give you knowledge of some basic problems during job search and also inform you of some possible solutions.
  • Canadian Resume: Your CV needs a particular makeup for Canadian employers. There are many online tools that convert your personal and educational data into the form of a CV that is required by Canadian employers.
  • Labor laws of Canada: It is very important to know the privileges and limits that are applied on you as a Canadian temporary worker. You can find them by looking at Labor Laws of Canada. You can find information such as the allowed number of work hours, vacation rules and application of pregnancy leaves.

What happens next?

Once you have secured employment in Canada we need to apply for the actual work permit to get you in Canada and working. Depending on your citizenship and what the job offer is, the process will differ.

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You can call us or write us an email. We'll arrange an appointment for you, where a legal practitioner will sit with you and assess your case. We will advise you on what the next steps are. If you have not secured a job yet, please still contact us. We can guide you in the right direction. We can advise you on what kind of jobs have a higher chance of approval and what type of jobs will be a little more difficult. There is no point is getting a job offer for a position that is not high in demand. We are here to help you move forward!

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