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Do you have job offer in Canada in which your wage is based on commission, salary, quarterly, weekly or hourly payment? Wondering if you require work permit? Watch our video and find out if you are exempted from applying for a Labour Market Opinion.

Canada Work Permit Wage Requirements

Do you have job offer with an employer in Canada and not sure if you need work permit as the foreign applicant? To determine if you need a Work Permit we can look at the definition of "work". Work is defined as an activity in which wages are paid or commissions are earned, or in which the work the foreign applicant is doing competes directly with the activities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents of the Canadian labour market. So, if you are getting paid a wage or commission or any other form of payment you need to apply for Work Permit. So any activities that Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident can do but you as the foreign applicant has the position then you need a Work Permit. Also, if you are engaging in any business activity that is competitive in the marketplace then you need a Work Permit.

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