Difference Between Open Work Permit and Closed Work Permit

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For many foreign nationals that are unaware, there is a difference between an Open Work Permit and a Closed Work Permit. If you would like to work in Canada and would like to know more information with regards to work permits in Canada, then this video is for you. Watch our video below on the difference between an Open Work Permit and a Closed Work Permit and other important information regarding both work permits.

Difference Between Open Work Permit and Closed Work Permit Video

There is a difference between an open work permit and a closed work permit. Specifically, an open work permit allows you to work for any employer, in any province in Canada. It does not restrict you to any particular position. This is excellent because you may work for another employer. Additionally, if you sponsor your spouse through the inland spousal sponsorship, you may apply for an open-spousal work permit. On the other hand, a closed-work permit only allows you to work for the particular Canadian employer listed on your work permit. During the validity period of your work permit, you must work for that specific employer. If you'd like to change your employer, you must apply to change your work permit or apply for a new work permit with the new employer. For more information and advice pertaining to open work permits and closed work permits, please watch this video in its entirety.

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