Do I Need a Job Offer to Obtain Work Permit for Canada Video

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If you are interested in working in Canada, you will first need a job offer from a Canadian employer. You will need job offer to apply for the Labour Market Impact Assessment required for obtaining your Work Permit. Watch our video below on what the requirement and eligibility criteria is to obtain your Canadian Work Permit.

Do I Need a Job Offer to Obtain Work Permit for Canada

In order to work in Canada the first step is having a job offer with an employer in Canada. The only time you do not need a job offer from an employer in Canada is when applying for Open Work Permit or Working Holiday Visa. If you do not fall under those categories then you need to secure a job offer with an employer in Canada before you can apply for a Work Permit and work in Canada. You can look for job in Canada either by going to, looking at the labour market information on CIC website or on our website. Once you have located the position you are interested in, apply for the position and go through the interview process and get the employer to pick you has the candidate and give you an official offer letter. Once you have obtained your job offer we can determine which type of Work Permit you need to apply for based on your job duties, job description and how long the processing times will take. 

If you have job offer with an employer in Canada then contact us today for steps you need take to be able to work in Canada and what type of work permit you need to apply under and whether you need to go through Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

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