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Can students apply for Canadian experience class?

Students may apply for the Canadian experience class except for these conditions:

  • You have only obtained your credentials in English as a second language or French as a second language otherwise known as DSL or FSL or
  • Studying Canada under an award from the government of Canada wail required to return home after completion of the program

Can lower skilled workers apply for permanent residence under the Canadian experience class?

Unfortunately no, the Canadian experience class application category is reserved mainly for skilled workers. In order to qualify as a skilled worker you must work there occupation as classified as either a skill type 0, A or B. Skill type 0 is known as managerial, skill type A is known as professional occupations and skill type B is otherwise known as technical occupations and skilled trades. If you do not qualify for the Canadian experience class because you do not meet this criteria the provincial nominee programs that may be available to lower skilled workers.

Does unpaid work experience count towards Canadian experience class?

Unfortunately, no, not paid employment does not qualify under the Canadian experience class. You must have been paid a wage order commission that there's no minimum wage economy for a qualifying work experience. Full time work experience means working at least 30 pay hours per week. To qualify, you must have skilled work experience, meaning worker in occupation listed as managerial, professional, or technical entry occupations. These classifications can be found on the national occupational classification matrix.

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