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Canadian Immigration: PR Card Renewal

The permanent resident card (PR card) is a card that proofs you are permanent resident of Canada. If you have an expired PR card and left Canada for either employment, family emergency or whatever other reason it might be and wish to return to Canada then watch our PR Card Renewal videos below on what grounds you can return to Canada and the application process for renewing your PR card.

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Common PR Card Questions Answered Video

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Many permanent residents in Canada often have many questions with regards to their Permanent Resident Card. It is important to know and understand the processing of obtaining PR Cards. Watch our video below on common PR Card questions answered and other important information you should know with regards to PR Cards.

Common PR Card Questions Answered Video

There are several permanent residents in Canada that have many questions and are curious as to the process of renewing their PR Card. Additionally, if you just became a permanent resident of Canada, you may ask when you will receive your PR Card. The PR Card was created and intended to identify permanent residents of Canada while travelling in and out of Canada. It is essential that permanent residents have this card while travelling or they can face complications or delays. The aforementioned questions as well as many other questions are discussed and explained in this video by Ms. Akrami. If you'd like answers to these questions and more, watch this video in its entirety.

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What to do if PR Card Expires While Outside of Canada Video

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As a permanent resident of Canada, there are many conditions and requirements that must be met in order to maintain permanent residency status in Canada. In addition, a permanent resident card does not renew automatically and thus does expire. It is essential for your PR status that you diligently renew and keep your PR card valid. If it expires, you must renew it; however, this can bring complications if you are outside of Canada. Watch our video below on what to do if your PR card expires while you're outside of Canada and how to apply for a permanent resident travel document.

Canadian PR Card Renewal Video

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If you are Permanent Residence of Canada your primary status document is a PR card. This status document expires every five years and needs to be renewed continuously until you obtain your Canadian citizenship. If you PR card has expired and you don't meet the residency requirement you need to file for a Humanitarian and Compassionate argument. Watch our video and find out how!!

PR Card Expired Video

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When it comes to maintaining your Permanent Residence status in Canada you need to meet the residency requirement by being physically present for 730 days in the last five years. If you Permanent Resident Card has expired while you were outside of Canada you can facilitate your return by obtaining a travel document. If you fail to meet the residency requirement you need to file for Humanitarian and Compassionate application. Watch our video and find out how!!

Permanent Resident PR Card Renewal Video

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This video is about Permanent Resident Card Renewal. Typically permanent residence status can only be maintained if you are physically present in Canada for 730 days (two years) in the most recent five year period. This video discusses on some other options of renewing your PR Card should you not meet the residency requirements. For additional information on PR Card Renewal, please watch our video below.

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