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Immigration Canada: Common-Law Sponsorship 

A Common-Law relationship is one in which two people live together but are not legally married to each other.  According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be considered under the Common-Law relationship the couple must live together in a 'marriage-like' relationship for one year without any long periods of separation, for example, by sharing finances. If you want to sponsor a Common-Law partner to Canada watch our videos and see if you fall under the Common-Law definition and what Immigration Canada looks for in order for you to qualify to sponsor a loved one.

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How to Prove Cohabitation in Common-Law Sponsorship Video

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One of the most important factors of a common-law partnership is the requirement of cohabitating for a minimum of one year. This is a requirement in order to qualify as a common-law partnership. Often times, individuals are unsure of how to prove their cohabitation with their partner or what to submit to Immigration to prove this cohabitation. Watch our video below on what a common-law partnership entails, how to qualify for a common-law partnership and how to prove cohabitation in a common-law sponsorship application.

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