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Canadian Immigration: Criminal Rehabilitation

Are you looking into travelling to Canada for leisure or business purposes but have been denied entry to Canada due to criminal convictions and as a result considered deemed inadmissible to Canada? Watching our Canadian immigration videos you will learn how you can overcome your criminal inadmissibility to Canada such as understanding what is considered a criminal offense in Canada, if criminal rehabilitation is needed and what documents you can provide to the immigration officer to show you have been rehabilitated.

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How to Apply for Criminal Rehabilitation Video

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In order to enter Canada as a visitor, you must abide by the Immigration laws that are in place for the safety and security of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. If you are deemed inadmissible to Canada for a past criminal offense made in or outside of Canada, and you would like to overcome the criminal inadmissibility, you may be able to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation. Watch our video below on the eligibility for Criminal Rehabilitation, how to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation, the specific documents you will need to provide, and the chances for a successful application.

Important Documents Needed for Criminal Rehabilitation video

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If you are deemed inadmissible to Canada for a past criminal offence, you must first overcome the criminal inadmissibility and may be able to apply for a Criminal Rehabilitation. It is extremely essential that, if you are trying to overcome your criminal inadmissibility, you provide sufficient and accurate documentation to the Immigration officer that will be assessing your application. Watch our video below on the important documents needed for a criminal rehabilitation and how to obtain these certain documents to complete your application accurately.

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