LMIA Filing Your Own Application Video

LMIA Filing Your Own Application

When you file an LMIA application and look into filing your own LMIA there are six key things you want to ensure that the application has, for these are the things the immigration officer looks for and you want to make sure you know that you have sections in the application that address these six questions. The first one is where did you post the position, indicate the office, website, recruitment firms, and provide copies of the recruitment efforts that you’ve done. Go a little bit further by explaining it how long you posted it, and so forth, but the bare minimum include the copies of the postings that you have done,

The second is how many positions you were trying to fill? You are looking to hire a bulk candidate, could be ten could be twenty and most employers are looking to fill one position. How many positions are you filling with this LMIA application?

The third is how many Canadians applied for this position, address this as well and include whatever documents you have to prove that these Canadians have applied but make sure you black out confidential information like phone numbers, but you can at least show some proof to the Canadian officer very little Canadian applied for this position and here is who applied, and like I said keep the confidentiality with the candidate that applied.

The fourth is how many Canadians you interviewed? How many applied? You don’t have an obligation to interview every single candidate who applied for the position. But if some Joe smith applied and you do not meet the requirements who poste don Job Bank then obviously you don’t have to interview that person.

The fifth is how many Canadians were actually hired? Obviously the employers will say zero because you’re looking to hiring a foreign national. But there sometimes that employers are looking to hire multiple candidates, they posted for ten and were able to hire two candidates and are still waiting to hire the remaining positions. If that’s your position you do want to show them you did that and you hired Canadians and you still are in the process of training them and that shows a good thing on your application if Canadians have been hired if you’re doing in bulk Labour Market Impact Assessment.

The sixth one is very important because Why were the Canadian not suitable for this position? Indicate the specific position that they lacked and whether there was a sufficient number of applicants to fill the position. Sometimes you post a position and nobody applies, that doesn’t look good either the immigration officer may see that as a lack of efforts. Or you may have posted a position where 200 people applied and that may seem like you were not able to locate a single candidate and you were not able to do it. A reasonable number you want to know why there wasn’t a suitable candidate to fill the position, and again you might want to put this in a chart as why candidate number one’s qualifications were not suitable to my company and this why I had to fill this position with an individual with these credentials experience etc.

So just posting the position and then adding a copy of the posting is not necessarily what you have to do you have to go above and beyond what the officer with the LMIA application, go a little bit further, I hope these six questions answer your questions since I get a lot of them, if you stick to these six things and you prove these six things then you’re in the right direction. If you have any questions give us a call, we are here to help.

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