4 steps to Do it yourself Canadian Immigration Kits

Step 1 – Understanding your Goals

There a many ways to come to Canada, approximately 60 ways in fact. Some are temporary while others are permanent. Before even attempting to determine what application might be right for you, you need to consider and have an understanding of your goals as well as what you are willing to and not willing to do.

Every year, approximately 250,000 people obtain their permanent status in Canada. Not all of them applied for this directly though.

There are a variety of temporary matters that can lead to permanent resident status in Canada. For example, obtaining a work permit in Canada and then gaining your permanent resident status through the Canadian Experience Class a year later. Case in point, however, you will need to know that your end goal is permanent to plan ahead and make sure your occupation in Canada is eligible for the Canadian Experience Class… not all are.

Sometimes this might mean upgrading your education first or having to take the time to locate the right kind of employment that suits your end goal as oppose to taking the first available opportunity.

Understanding what your end goals are can help you accurately plan the steps you will need to take. This is also something that Akrami & Associates can help you with. If you are unsure of how best to proceed or would like a professional opinion, we would be happy to assess your options based on your current situation. We will then outline this for you in what we call an Immigration Analysis.

An immigration analysis will provide you with a detailed understanding of your options as well as the major concepts therein. Whatever your situation, there are always options available to you whether direct or indirect.

With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way. TM

Step 2 – Determining Self Representation or Not

The purpose of our kits is to ensure the access of legal information to anyone who requires it; however, no one can anticipate the unique needs of every possible matter.

Our kits not only provide you with the fundamental knowledge, applicable information and guide on how to submit a proper application, it provides you with the option to either consult with us and have us review your final product OR take over the matter entirely should you decide you will need more help.

Whatever your situation may, Akrami & Associates is here for you. Should you decide on purchasing our elite package you will also have the benefit of a free consultation with one of our legal immigration practitioners to ensure you purchased the right kit or recommend another more suited to your needs. Further, we will also review your final product and outline areas for improvement, as applicable.

If you purchase a kit, go through it and realize that your matter is more complex than anticipated, not to worry, we are still willing to take over the matter as your legal representatives. We will credit the amount of your kit to your legal fees and use our expertise to continue where you left off.

We understand that everyone has a unique situation and sometimes this is not always straightforward. Many of our clients realize, after obtaining our kits, that there was more to their application than they originally understood and they feel they will need further assistance.

If this is you, contact us so that we may determine the next best steps for you.

With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way. TM

Step 3 – Compiling the Application

Once you have determined what your goals are in Canada and you feel that you wish to take on the matter by yourself, our application kits will guide you the rest of the way.

You can purchase either the Gold or Elite package depending on whether or not you feel you need that extra help that the Elite package offers. With the Elite package, you get the entire kit (no further purchases required or withheld information) as well as the benefit of having a consult with a legal immigration professional and a final review of your application to ensure that it you have put together a strong application.

Consulting with one of our team will ensure that you have purchased the right kit which suits your needs and provides you with any additional information that you may require or are unsure of. A final review of your case will be provided to you in writing, outlining any errors or omissions as well as how you might be able to strengthen your case.

Our kits will help you every step of the way. You will learn about the overall concepts behind your application type – helping you to anticipate the documentation you will need to provide. We will walk you through each application and the supporting documentation requirements. We will itemize the documents you will need, why you will need them and how to obtain them.

We also provide you with a number of templates and mock examples of documentation to assist you in gathering the right documentation as per the requirements.

From there, we will teach you how to submit an application like an expert. Each application comes with a template submission letter. This submission letter is where you will make your legal arguments and essentially “connect-the-dots” for the officer making a decision on your matter.

We understand that immigration is a serious and time consuming matter. We are confident that our kits will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to successfully achieve your goals in Canada.

Step 4 – Filing your Application

After purchasing our kits you will discover that your work is not over at submission. More often than not, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will request further information from you or need you to resend documentation. This is the norm and to be expected.

These requests also come with deadlines that, if not met, may lead to delays on your application or worse: having it returned or refused.

This is why you will need to stay on top of your application as well as be mindful of normal processing times. You do not want your application to be left aside. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has prescribed average processing times for most application types. Understanding when to follow up as well as how to request information from the immigration officer making a decision on your matter can assist with moving your application smoothly along.

We also understand that life gets busy and sometimes deadlines can be hard to meet. Even after submitting your application, we are still able to take over your matter and stay on top of your application so that you have one less worry to concern yourself with. We will credit the amount you paid for the kit towards any legal fees.

We will notify Citizenship and Immigration Canada that you have now retained us as legal representation and review a copy of your submitted application to ensure that it is as strong as possible. If we feel that further information is needed, in anticipation of the officer’s needs, we will work with you and assist you in gathering and providing this information.

Further, we will be there to receive correspondence from Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your behalf. This means that you will have a team of dedicated immigration professionals working at your disposal to ensure that the documentation is provided in a timely and efficient manner. We will also follow up on a regular basis as needed to ensure that your application gets the attention is needs.

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