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Shabnam Akrami is the Managing Partner and Founder of Akrami & Associates.  As an immigrant herself, she understands what immigrants feel when they leave their homeland to immigrate to a new country, a new culture, and a new environment. Whether for family reunification, business opportunities, or simply for a better life, she understands the risks, the desires, and the hopes of the people that we serve. 

Shabnam is passionate about coming up with ways to help the firm’s clients. All of our systems and procedures are designed to save our clients time and money, and relieve stress and anxiety. Her “people-first philosophy” is a testament to that way of thinking. At Akrami and Associates, putting people first means caring about a person’s circumstances and asking enough questions to develop clear and successful strategies for immigration to Canada. Even though it may be easy to group clients under one application category, each person’s circumstances are unique. We understand, and use this information, to the best of our abilities. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to formulate multiple scenarios and choose the most successful approach that will produce the best results.

There is Always a Way

Two more things that you should know about us; we never give up and we never turn away a client. Whenever someone applies to immigrate to Canada, their circumstances may be such that they don’t qualify to immigrate. While some may say “we’re sorry but we can’t help you”, we don’t. We look for opportunities and options to bring you to Canada. If we can’t help you at the present time, we will provide you advice and guidance about what you need to do to prepare and apply in the near future. We believe that “where there is a will, there is a way”… and we can show you the way.

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