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The Employer Driven Stream of the Alberta Nominee Program offers a nomination for Permanent Residence to those who have already obtained valuable work experience in the province. Once nominated, you can obtain permanent residence applying through Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This video focuses on semi skilled worker category, watch our video if you meet the eligibility criteria to apply semi skilled worker in Canada.

PNP Alberta Employer Driven Stream

 Under the Alberta Employer Driven Stream as the skilled worker the employer and the candidate have certain responsibilities to meet:

Role of the employer 

  • registered business in Alberta
  • full time under NOC A, B or O
  • LMIA may be required if position is not exempt
  • documentation that position is high in demand and there is a high need to fill this position with a foreign applicant

Role of Candidate

  • intent to live and work in the province of Alberta, you can provide ties to province of Alberta such as bank accounts, friends or family in Alberta that are in Alberta. If you are outside of province of Alberta, you can provide a letter of intent- explaining your future plans etc.
  • proof of education and work experience
  • work permit
  • proof legal status of home country

If you like to move to the province of Alberta and not sure if you are eligible to apply then contact Akrami & Associates to assess your eligibility to apply.

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