Authorization to Return to Canada ARC

Have you been subject to a removal order?

If so, you may have to acquire an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), depending upon the type of removal order you were subject to. It is important to note that a decision on your admissibility may only be made when you apply to come to Canada or at the port of entry. There are three types of removal orders; departure order, exclusion order, or deportation order.

The departure order allows you to return to Canada without an ARC if you followed the correct procedures. This means that, when you received the deportation order, you left Canada within thirty days and you confirmed your departure with an immigration officer at the port of exit. If you did not follow proper procedures, your departure order automatically becomes a deportation order, and an ARC application will need to be made.

If an exclusion order was issued to you, and twelve months have passed since you left Canada and you have a Certificate of Departure verifying the date you exited Canada, an ARC is not required. If you do not have a Certificate of Departure or you wish to enter Canada before the twelve months have passed, then you will need to apply for an ARC.

If you have been given a deportation order, an ARC application will have to be made.

Before applying for an ARC, it is significant for you to comprehend the factors an immigration officer will consider before an application may be successful. Such factors include the reasons for a removal order. If the reason why you were removed from Canada is still a problem, the likelihood of success will probably be low. You will need to establish to the immigration officer that your previous behavior will not be repeated and what your reasons are for re-entering Canada. They may also take into consideration the length of time since the removal order was issued and what your current situation is.

At Akrami & Associates, our well-informed legal staff may assist you with the situation you find yourself in. This includes legal advice regarding the options you have towards a solution and assistance with procedural matters. Call us today for a consultation.

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