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An Authorization to Return to Canada or ARC is a special permission that you will most likely need if you have been the subject of a removal order. A removal order has three categories, each of which results in your inadmissibility to Canada for any number of reasons. If you have overstayed your authorized period of stay in Canada and were given a departure order, or you did not comply with your departure order and were then apprehended and given a deportation order, or misrepresented yourself in an application and were given an exclusion order; You will need an Authorization to Return to Canada depending on your situation.

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When an officer assesses your application, they will consider, among other things:

  • the reasons for the removal order
  • the possibility that you will repeat the behaviour that caused the order to be issued
  • the length of time since the order was issued
  • your current situation
  • the reason why you want to enter Canada.

There are three types of removal orders:

  • Departure Order
  • Exclusion Order
  • Deportation Order

Departure order

A Departure order requires that the person leave Canada within 30 days after the order becomes enforceable. If you do not comply with this, a departure order will become a deportation order.

Exclusion Order

Those who receive an Exclusion Order cannot return to Canada for one year unless the written permission of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is obtained. However, people who are issued exclusion orders for misrepresentation cannot return for two years without written authorization from the CBSA.

This means that if you wish to enter Canadian prior to the end of the one or two year ban, depending on your situation, you will be required to obtain an authorization to return to Canada.

Deportation Order

Those who have been removed as a result of a Deportation Order are permanently barred from returning to Canada. Such people may never return unless they receive written permission from the CBSA.

Again, this means that regardless of the passage of time, if you have received a deportation order, you will never be able to enter Canada again without first obtaining prior consent in the form of an Authorization to Return to Canada.

Once a removal order has been issued, the CBSA carries out the removal as soon as possible. The CBSA can assign an escort officer if there is a determination that an escort is required to facilitate the removal. If there are any health concerns, a medical officer may assist the CBSA in escorting the person out of the country.

This cases are extremely time sensitive and require quick action if you intend to appeal your matter. However, if the matter is concluded and you have complied with your removal order, returning to Canada may require some diligence.

In most cases you will need to obtain an ARC as well as a status document.

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