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What is a business visitor?

A business visitor is considered someone who comes to Canada to engage in international business without actually entering the Canadian labour market. This means they will not be working for Canadian Company or employer in Canada. A business visitors is usually someone who comes to Canada to attend seminars, meetings, conferences and after the market sales assistance. A business visitor's main source of income must be outside of Canada.

Do I need a special visa to enter Canada as a business visitor?

No, there's no separate application for business visitors. A Temporary Resident Visa or visitor visa encompasses all visitor types. If you come from a country which is visa exempt, you will not require any special documentation prior to entering Canada as a business visitor or otherwise. Should you come from a country which is not visa exempt, regardless of your intended purpose in Canada, business visitor or otherwise, you will require a Temporary Resident Visa or visitor visa.

Do I  need a work permit as a business visitor?

If you're entering Canada to conduct business related activities you will not require a work permit to carry out such activities such as meeting clients or visiting job sites. However if you plan to carry out such things as secretarial, managerial, technical or production activities or stay longer than six months in Canada, you will be required to obtain a work permit prior to entering Canada. In both cases, if you're coming from a country that requires a Temporary Resident Visa or visitor visa to enter Canada, you will certainly need to obtain this first as well.

Do I need a medical exam if I'm a business visitor to Canada?

If the duration of your visit is less than six months generally no medical examination is required. Please note and medical examination may be required if intended work in Canada is one that involves the protection of public health such as workers in the health science field, clinical laboratory workers, patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes, teaches a primary or secondary schools or other teachers of small children, etc.. You'll need to determine whether not your intended work in Canada requires a medical exam prior to entering Canada.

What documents do I need is a business visitor in Canada?

  • A pass for a travel document that is valid for your entire stay
  • A letter from your parents company demonstrating your intended purpose in Canada
  • Other documents such as warranties or service agreements, contracts etc if applicable to visit in Canada
  • 24 hour contact details of their business was in Canada
  • Prove that you enough funds for your stay in Canada and your return home

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