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If you are frequent Business Visitor to Canada you may be stopped by Canadian immigration officer at the Port of Entry for the purpose of your visit to Canada. To help you avoid being stopped at the Canadian Port of Entry watch the video below on how you can prepare a successful application as a Business Visitor to Canada.

Frequent Business Visitor

The most common reason foreign nationals come into Canada are for Business related activities. A Business Visitor is someone who does not enter the Canadian Labour Market but their sole intention is to attend conferences, give lectures, attend meetings and only undertake activities that is related to the international business. As long as the Business Visitor does not enter the Canadian Labour Market they are exempt from the Work Permit.

If you are frequent Business traveler you may be stopped at the border for questioning of why you need to travel so much back and forth. To avoid trouble at the border and have smooth entry it is best to have all your supporting documents ready to show your sole purpose is for business related activities and that you will not enter the Canadian Labour Market. Some documents you can show include showing the officer what your schedule would be like such as meetings you will be attending, what your role will be as the business visitor, the invitation letter from the canadian organization, letter from the organization that states the applicant is employed full time by the company, after sales agreement, itinerary that shows activities that will be taking place once the applicant enters Canada and much more.

Another recommendation we make for those individuals who travel regularly and are kind of tired of being constantly being stopped by the officer and explaining that you are a Business Visitor is to apply for a Nexus Card. NEXUS card is a border crossing card for expedited US Canada Border Crossing. NEXUS cards provide expedited travel at the US Canada Border for predetermined low-risk Canadian and US citizens. NEXUS pass holders can use the card as an air card when flying into the US or Canada as well as using it at land and sea points of entry. Using the NEXUS lane significantly speeds up the time spent waiting and being processed at the US Canada border.

If you are frequent Business Traveler give us a call and let us file for your NEXUS application to make your entries into Canada as well into United States smooth across the borders.

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