Can I Apply For Refugee Protection From Outside Canada?

If you are resettling from outside of Canada you will fall into two classes, which are:

  • Convention refugee ,
  • Asylum class

If you are applying for refugee status outside of Canada, after the submission of your application, the visa officers will send you a confirmation letter which will state that they received your application, and it will be assessed. You will be giving a file number, and this number will be needed if for any reason you need to contact the Citizenship of Immigration Canada about your application process.

What is a convention refugee?

You may apply for refugee status as a convention refugee if you are outside of the country that you were residing and cannot return there due to a well- founded fear of persecution, for reasons based on race, political opinion, nationality, religion, and if you are a membership of a particular social group, sexual orientation. In order to apply under this class you must be outside of Canada and want to come to Canada for resettlement due to the fact that you cannot return to the country that you were once residing in. you must also have funds in order to support yourself and family that will be resettling with you.

What is the Asylum class?

You may apply under this class if you are outside of the country which you normally reside, and must continue to be seriously and personally affected by the acts of civil war and arm conflicts or your human rights have been violated. You must pass a medical examination and a security and criminal check, in order for your refugee status to be approve.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for refugee status?

You may not be eligible to apply for refugee status from outside of Canada if you:

  • have already receive protection from another country,
  • offer resettlement to another country other than Canada,
  • you have citizenship of another country and receive protection from that country,
  • you have resume to the country that you are seeking refuge for,
  • the reason that you are seeking persecution no longer exist,

What does it mean by the group of five?

The group of five is a group of Canadian Citizen or permanent residents come together and arrange to sponsor a refugee living outside of Canada. In order for the group of five be permitted to sponsor a refugee all members but be at least 18 years or older in order to be eligible to sponsor the person seeking refuge. All members from the group of five must live or have representatives in the area where the refugee will settle.

What are the group of five responsible for?

You and your following members must take on the responsibility of the refugee. With that being said you and your following members will be required to support the refugee and whomever is travelling with him/her such people can include (dependants or spouse) , and you will require to support the refugee emotionally and financially, this usually last for 1 year.

How do you determine your eligibility (group five)?

  • You must be 18 years or older,
  • Reside in Canada,
  • Be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada,
  • Be able to the refugee financially,
  • Agree to support the refugee until the end date,

Who are the community sponsors?

A community sponsor are organization of a community that take on the responsibility to sponsor a refugee, this community sponsor must be an organization or a corporation.

How to determine your eligibility as a community sponsor?

In order to sponsor as a community, you must be an organization, corporation and association, you must also promise to support the refugee and family members (spouse or dependants) if applicable, financially for the duration of the sponsorship. The community sponsor must be located where the refugee are expected to settle.

What are co-sponsors?

As a community sponsor you can form a partnership with an individual or an organization, this is known as co-sponsors. As a co- sponsor you are committed to help deliver settlement and assistance and share the responsibility equally for supporting the sponsored refugee.

What is the joint assistant program?

This is a program that help refugee with special needs resettle in Canada. These special needs are due to the trauma from violence or torture from the country that you were residing in, medical disabilities, the effects of systemic discrimination. These refugees get income support from the Canadian government for up to two years and sometimes three years by the private sponsor. Also the special needs refugee will be provided with shelter, food, clothing and the basic household necessities.

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