Steps to Obtaining Your Citizenship

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Canadian Citizenship

Do you have plans to apply for citizenship in Canada? Then Akrami & Associates can help you!

What is So Special About Akrami & Associates?

  • Once you start using our services you will not be looking out for other firms
  • Your representative who checks the document will look carefully into each and every column in the application. If certain columns are not filled properly, they will revise the data after confirming the details with you
  • If changes have been introduced in the policies pertaining to the application, these details will be informed to you well ahead of time
  • We are here to answer all your questions and concerns
  • We make the process hassle-free!

5 Steps Before Getting Your Citizenship?

  1. Ensuring you qualify. We will conduct a thorough consultation.
  2. Gathering all required documents.
  3. Ensuring all is in order including the government fees.
  4. Once everything is in order, we will prepare a thorough submission explaining your situation to the officer.
  5. When all is in order, your application will be submitted immediately.

What Happens After Filing Your Application?

One of the most common mistakes is that many people will forget to attach the photos or the fee receipt along with their application. If these details are wrong, or incomplete, then the application will be rejected automatically.

Once the application is correctly filed, we will receive an acknowledgement within a few days. The application will then pass through the assessment phase.

What Happens After the Assessment Phase?

You might think that once the application passes the first phase and enters into the second phase, there will be no problems. Local CIC or Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Council will then take your application for further study.  A citizenship test will be carried out in a step by step manner. Those who pass this test will be provided with citizenship status. But this test is a crucial step. Not everyone who submitted the form or not everyone who passed the assessment test will be entitled for citizenship. If you get to know about the various clauses that are used to provide citizenship, you will be quite amazed.

It is surely not an easy achievement. Apart from filling the form correctly and with original details, it is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria. The more you learn about this process, the better your understanding.  We will prepare you for the citizenship test once requested.  If you are found eligible, there will be a citizenship ceremony. A letter of invite will be sent to you to attend this. You can happily attend this after getting the required status.

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