Citizenship Refusals in Canada

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There are so many reasons that can be stated for the refusal of an application. But the most common reason will be due to failure to satisfy the residency criteria. If you have not stayed in Canada for the required time period, you may not be eligible for citizenship status.

However, it is still possible to obtain your citizenship if you have not met the residency requirements. Chances of approval with such an application are slim but possible. It is true that each case is dealt seriously and in a unique manner. Those who have work experience and those who have lived in Canada for more than three years might be viewed in a different manner.

Some judges will consider the residency requirement in a different way. They might state that the three year period must be a consecutive one. They might emphasize the point that the residents should show a physical presence in Canada for three years.

Some judges might not be too strict. They will mention that a physical time period of three years in Canada is not required. If the applicant is able to show his connection or his ties with Canada in a genuine and justifiable manner, he might be provided with the citizenship status.

  • Your application can get rejected for other reasons like failure to meet the language requirements, failure to show bank account details and so on.
  • If you have been investigated by the police for having committed a serious crime, your application will be rejected, even though you show a good relation with the Canadian government.

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