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Is Federal Investment Program closed? Any Alternatives?

Federal Investment Program

If you have a high net worth, you may be eligible to apply through the Federal Investment Program. The program allows you to establish your own enterprise
and immigrate to Canada. Since you are a potential investor who can add to the economic development of the country, Canada has an interest in you. To be
eligible under this category, you must have a minimum of $1.6,000,000 CAD as your net worth. Moreover, you pledge that you will invest at least $800,000

Your investment matters

Citizenship and Immigration Canada oversees your investment. This is indeed one of the most important categories serving the economic development
of the country. The invested amount creates new jobs and thus helps the local as well as federal economies, grow.

Once you have signed the agreement, CIC will send you a confirmation with instructions on how to submit the amount. You are required to deliver the amount
within 30 days. After you have paid the amount, you’ll be given permanent residence. The amount invested is only taken by the money to generate other
sources of income for local residents. You will receive your investment back in five years. However, you will not receive any kind of interest over the
invested amount.

No new applications are being accepted since 2012

To reduce the backlog of applications of the Federal Investment Program, along with other categories, which were trailing the Canadian government for several
years, the government stopped receiving new applications in 2012. Though seen by the government as a positive step towards increasing efficiency in
processing potential applicants, critics and economists see that as a debilitation of the Canadian economy. The investments from Federal Investment Program
generated more than 2 billion CAD for the economy annually. Therefore, the step is a heavy loss in the short term.

Investors Moving to the US

Sources reveal that there are no speculations regarding the restoration of new applications for the Federal Investment Program in the near future. The
government has refused to take new applications for an indefinite amount of time, and no one can say for sure when it will reopen the cap. As a result of
this dead-end, the investors are moving toward the US for a similar purpose.

Critics Say it’s a Huge Loss for Local Economies.

Even the local economies, particularly the more fragile ones of certain provinces, received considerable support from the investments of Federal Investment
Program. Critics say that stopping the applications permanently is not the solution to the problem; what can be done instead is a revamping of the
application process to enable faster processing times.

Are you looking for a way to immigrate to Canada?

Though the Federal Investment Program is not accepting new applications anymore, this is not the end of the world. If you are looking for ways to
immigrate to Canada, there are still many, and you may be eligible for them. We have dealt with several cases with various requirements. We can assess your
case and determine a feasible route for you. All you need to do is:

We can Help You!

We have dealt with hundreds of immigration cases. We have helped our clients in their difficult situations and have guided them to draft a more effective
application. We can help you draft your application and arrange the required documents. A well-planned and complete application will increase your
likelihood of acceptance and will save you from hassle.

If you are worried about the legal fees – Don’t be! Our goal is to help everyone that is interested in immigrating to Canada. Contact us, and we can provide
numerous options for you. You can also purchase our very affordable Immigration Kits, which details everything for you. If you are still not sure, feel free
to get back to us. We will review your case before you submit it to give you the best possible outcome.

Contact Us

You can call us or write us an email. We’ll arrange an appointment for you, where a legal expert will sit with you and assess your case.

Retain the Firm

Once you have retained the firm, we will start preparing your case. Want to do it yourself? No problem. Let us guide you in the right direction with our
detailed Immigration Kits.

Document Checklist

Our immigration expert will discuss your case in detail and will identify the most feasible plan. Based on the selected route, you will be given a
checklist of documents that need to be submitted with your application.

Submit the Application

As soon as your application is ready, we’ll submit it to the immigration office. We’ll stay in close contact with the office and will keep you updated
regarding the status of the application.


When the decision arrives, we’ll inform you. In case of a refusal, we’ll assist you file an appeal after reassessing the results and your case.

Contact Us

For further information with respect to your Canadian immigration, we invite you to contact our experienced immigration representatives.

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