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If you wish to invite some one to visit you in Canada, an invitation letter can help strengthen your application. Find out how to write a strong letter to increase your chances for success.

How to Draft an Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa

For those who require Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) having someone in Canada that can invite you is a way to strengthen your application. If you have an inviter in Canada who wants to help support your Temporary Resident Visa application, a good way do so would be to submit an Invitation Letter. An invitation letter is not mandatory when applying for a visitor’s visa. In some cases, however, the government of Canada will request that you provide them with an invitation letter when you submit your application. If not asked by the government, you will not need an invitation letter. Therefore, if you need to obtain a visa to visit Canada but cannot get an invitation letter from anyone, do not be discouraged – you can still apply. Having said that, it is still recommended that, if possible, you include an invitation letter in your application to make it stronger.

Now an Invitation Letter should contain certain details about the inviter as well as the applicant that should be reflected in the documentation provided. Things to consider when writing an invitation letter is by introducing who the inviter is and their connection to the applicant. The inviter should also provide basic personal information like address, employment, and family size. This will demonstrate that they have the ability to take care of the applicant while they are in Canada. If the inviter is supporting the applicant financially they should include the supporting documentation such as bank statements.

Writing the Invitation Letter does not mean that you will be held legally responsible for the visitor during his/her stay in Canada. However, you must remain truthful in everything you state in the letter. If you state that the individual will be staying at your home during their visit, then they must stay at your home.

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