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This video is created for those clients who are planning to visit Canada. In order to visit Canada, citizens of certain countries require a Visitor Visa also known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). It outlines the basic requirements to obtain a TRV, what documents to include with your application, what to include in your invitation letter, and whether you should indicate on your application single or multiple entry. For additional information on Visitor Visas, please click here.

Visitor Visa Canada TRV

A Visitor Visa also known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a document that is issued by an Canadian immigration visa office that shows proof that you as the applicant has met the requirements to enter Canada for temporary basis as a visitor. This document is placed in your passport which is to be shown to the immigration officer at the port of entry when you arrive in Canada.

Visitor Visas are one of the most difficult applications to get approved by citizenship and immigration Canada. The reason it has become more difficult is because many have overstayed their welcome stay in Canada. To have higher chance of success as the applicant you must demonstrate your intent to Canada is only temporary coming inside Canada and then you are going to exit at the end of your authorized stay. When an immigration reviews your application they look at:

  • why are you coming to Canada?
  • how long are you planning to stay in Canada?
  • Who are you coming with?
  • Who are you visiting?
  • how you

So ensure you include all the supporting documents that proofs your intent is temporary to Canada, these documents can include property you own back home, family members that depend on you, employment back home etc. Also, depending on your length of stay in Canada you have to show you are able to support yourself during your time in Canada. So you have to provide proof of funds that you are able to take of yourself and anyone else joining you during that period of stay in Canada. If you have friend or family members accommodating your stay then they have to show bank statements that they are able to support you financially during that period of stay.

The processing time of Visitor Visa depends on your citizenship, some applications can take a couple of weeks and some can take months so depend on where you come from. But from past experience most application take approximately 3-4 weeks to get processed sometimes application are approved within a day or two.

Having an invitation letter is not necessary but if you have friend or family you are visiting it is highly recommended to include the invitation letter for higher chance of success. (See invitation letter videos on how to write a proper invitation letter).

Also, ensure you indicate correctly whether you want to come for single entry or multiple entry. Single entry is usually for applicants who literally want to enter one time and multiple entry if you want to enter Canada on the same visa multiple times. How you determine whether to be single or multiple, it really depends on the reason you coming to Canada and for how long you plan to stay. (most applications are now automatically given multiple entry even if you request single entry to avoid future problems).

Remember just because you have obtained a visitor visa does not guarantee your entry to Canada. The officer at the border can still ask you questions about how long you intent to stay in Canada, who you will be visiting, how you will support yourself during your time of stay in Canada, why you want to visit Canada to ensure you have no intention to remain in Canada. If the immigration officer has reasons to believe you are intent is permanently you will be denied entry and returned back to your home country.

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