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Are you looking into sponsoring you common-law partner to Canada? If so, watch our video below and find out what common-law documents you need to gather to submit a successful application to immigration Canada.

Common Law Sponsorship Documents

You may wonder what kind of documents you may need to prove genuineness in a common-law relationship. Common law sponsorship is when you lived with your wife/husband in a committed conjugal relationship for longer than a year without any long periods of separation (vacation and family emergencies are acceptable as long as it is short and provide explanation for the immigration officer with supporting documents). To prove genuineness in a relationship you would need to provide documents that can prove you have physically resided together for a minimum of 12 months.

To demonstrate commitment in your relationship you provide documents such as joint bank accounts, joint utility bills, mortgage anything that you have joined together as partners. If you have paid fifty percent of the responsibility and the other partner has paid fifty percent that is okay too, because those bills that you have paid will come to the same residence. If your partner is paying hydro and you are responsible for the mortgage, make sure you explain why the partner is on that bill and not the other. Provide detailed explanations to help the officer get good visual of your relationship and the responsibilities you guys share. Remember to include your taxes and indicating you are not single but in a common-law relationship in your application.

So any documents that would show commitment should be included with your application, also included reference letters from friends and family that can attest and confirm your relationship will increase your chances.

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