Common Mistakes on Spousal Sponsorship Applications

Common Errors made with Spousal Sponsorship Applications

Did you recently submit a spousal sponsorship application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and your application got returned? Having an application returned can be very frustrating and stressful. There are many reasons your application can be returned this can range from missing information on your application, using an out-dated form, not sufficient supporting documents to prove genuineness in a relationship, missing a deadline, wrong photo specification used, failed to pay government fees and many other reasons. Most applicants are not to blame for returned applications but the government itself, because the government honestly is not very clear on amount of information they look for. Many applicants that submit their own application assume it is straightforward application but don’t realize the amount of detail the government of Canada looks for when submitting any type of immigration application. Through experience our immigration experts have learned the amount of detail immigration officers look for and how picky they can be when making a decision on an application. Attempting any Permanent Residence application on your own is highly not recommended as there is more chance of receiving a returned or refusal application. This article will examine common errors applicants make when completing their own spousal sponsorship application.

Using Wrong Spousal Forms

Citizenship and Immigration Canada updates immigration forms on frequent basis without any warning. These forms are usually updated 3 times a year and if you submit your application using an older version then you can expect your application being returned. If your application is returned you must ensure you use the most current form available on CIC website. The immigration officer can be very picky, for example if the current forms are from august 2016 and you submitted an application form using January 2016 you can expect a return. Very rarely are officer nice enough to accept an out-dated form but simply refuse to review if an old form has been used. It is recommended complete the forms at the end when you have collected all the necessary documents for your application. The reason CIC wants you to use updated forms because most likely additional information has been added and to avoid problems or delays in your application simply check that you are using the latest forms.

Answering Questions Incorrectly on Spousal Forms

Another mistake that applicants often make is not reaching out for help when completing the forms. Many times applicants make errors or provide irrelevant answers because they simply don’t understand the question. For example, mixing up terminology on who is the applicant and who is the sponsor. If you don’t understand the terms then you can end up filling out the wrong forms. When completing the spousal sponsorship application, both the Applicant and the Sponsor have to fill out separate forms. The Applicant is the person applying to live in Canada while the Sponsor is the permanent resident or Canadian citizen. If the forms are not completed by the right person, they will be returned. If at any time you do not understand a terminology you must refer back to CIC website or call an immigration representative such as Akrami & Associates for clarification.

Not answering all Questions on the Spousal Form

Another common mistake applicants make is not answering all questions the form, if they don’t understand it they simply leave it blank. Every question on the form must be answered leaving it blank then you will leave the officer no choice to refuse or return the application. If you don’t understand it seek out clarification, because the officer will not guess the answer they will only get suspicious of you left it blank. If the question is not applicable to you simple write N/A or Not Applicable in the answer space.

Incomplete or Insufficient Supporting documents

When submitting a sponsorship application, you are required to provide ample supporting documents to prove genuineness in your relationship. Some of these documents include:

  • Photos of you and your spouse together and with other family members
  • Wedding pictures
  • Engagements pictures
  • Trips you have taken together
  • Greeting cards exchanged between the two of you
  • Shared accounts
  • Text messages, emails, and letters exchanged between the two of you
  • Phone record of you and your spouse
  • Reference from friends or family members that can attest to the genuineness of your relationshipProving genuineness is very important when it comes to approval or refusal of the application. If you have no genuineness documents then there is higher chance of refusal for not being able to prove your relationship.

Police Clearances done incorrectly

When applying for any Permanent Residence application the person getting sponsored must go through police clearance to ensure they have not inadmissibility issues. The fingerprints are done by the RCMP in Canada (or one of their recognized agents), or the local police in the applicant’s home country. Applicants from the USA must provide fingerprints from the FBI as well and every state they have lived in for 6 months or more. If you are not sure how to get your police clearance done then contact our office at 416-477-2545 for consultation. Our simply go on the government website and check the steps for your country of citizenship.

Medical Examination done incorrectly

Persons getting sponsored to Canada go through a medical examination to ensure their health is in good check and they do not have any major health issues that could cause a threat to Canadian public. Also, your medical examination cannot be done at your regular doctor’s office; you must have your medical examination done from the list of panel of physicians listed on the CIC website. Any tests performed by a doctor who is not on the list will be rejected and the applicant will have to provide another test done by an acceptable doctor.

Submitting Application to Wrong Address

Many applicants submit their application to the wrong visa address. Inland and Overseas applications have different visa offices so you must ensure to submit to correct visa office or else your application will be returned or possibly get lost.

Other reasons your Sponsorship application can get refused or returned

  • Misrepresentation- providing false information
  • Inappropriate pictures
  • Not divorced from a previous relationship (under special circumstances you may be able as some countries prohibit divorce such Philippines)
  • Not paid government fees
  • Immigration officer not satisfied about the genuineness of the relationship during the interview

Contact Akrami & Associates

Submitting any permanent residence application is not an easy process, so if you are attempting PR application on your own you can expect a returned application most likely. Akrami & Associates has assisted many clients with reuniting them with their loves ones and we can help you too. Remember best chance of success lies with going with a law firm that experience with immigration application. Contact our office today at 416-477-2545.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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