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Are you looking into Conjugal Sponsorship application? Watch our video and find out if you fall under the conjugal sponsorship definition and what documents you can provide to prove you are in conjugal relationship to submit a successful application to immigration Canada.

Conjugal Sponsorship Application

A Conjugal Sponsorship application is essentially an application in which a Common Law or Spousal Sponsorship application is simply not an option. Conjugal application is extremely unique. This application is simply for individuals that cannot be together due to immigration barrier, sexual orientation, your marital status meaning you are currently married to someone else and living in a country in which divorce is not option or refused long-term stay in each other’s countries. So if you have good reason for immigration barrier then you have good chance of approval with your conjugal application. For example, the applicant from Philippines applied for a Visitor Visa few times but it got refused and the sponsor in Canada tried going to Philippines to marry the person but they were unable to get married because divorce is not an option there and Canada does not accept dual marriage leaving them in sticky situation. So a situation like that can have a good chance under conjugal sponsorship. If your reasons include missing work then your application will be refused, because you can take off from work for few days get married and then go back to work. Convenience is not an excuse to submit a conjugal application.

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