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Do you wish to sponsor your partner to Canada but are unable to do so due immigration barriers you and your partner are facing? Watch our video to find out if you are eligible to apply under Conjugal Sponsorship when you are unable to get married or live as common-law partners.

Filing a Conjugal Sponsorship Application

Are you looking to bring your partner that you cannot wed nor live with to live with you in Canada for Permanent Residency? Is there a significant amount of attachment in your relationship? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may be able to sponsor your partner to Canada under Conjugal Sponsorship. Filing a Conjugal Sponsorship application can be very tricky for starters since not everyone qualifies under this category.

A conjugal relationship is a relationship in which you are essentially committed in a relationship but you and your conjugal partner cannot wed and cohabitate with you because of reasons that are beyond you and your conjugal partner`s control.

To be eligible as a conjugal partner there are specific conditions you must meet. You must be able to provide evidence that one of these conditions applies to your situation in order to qualify.

  • You have maintained a conjugal relationship for at least 1 year

  • You and your partner have been prevented from getting married or living together because of:

  • An immigration barrier

  • Your current marital status (e.g. you are currently married to someone else and living in a country where divorce is not an option)

  • Your sexual orientation

Let us take Iran for example, Iran prohibits divorce and does not grant visas to individuals that are married. Meaning individuals that are married cannot travel outside of Iran without their spouse. So if you happen to be in an abusive relationship and you cannot marry your new partner because your home country prohibits divorce and you cannot exit your home country because you are still married and your partner that lives in Canada cannot reside in Iran due to strict regulations. So when you happen to fall in sticky situation like this in which you cannot get married or live together as common- law partners you may be eligible to apply for Conjugal Sponsorship. So when submitting a Conjugal Sponsorship application ask yourself was I able to get married, is there any way I could have resided together? When the answer to those two questions is no you may eligible to apply.

If you are unsure if you fall under conjugal sponsorship, call us today and let us assess your situation and determine which route will work best for your immigration needs.

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