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Do you have an offense that happened a while back ago and like to come to Canada? If so, you may qualify for Criminal Rehabilitation. Watch our video to learn some facts before filing your Criminal Rehabilitation application.

Canada Criminal Rehabilitation Application

Planning to submit a Criminal Rehabilitation application? If so, there are few important facts you should know!! A Criminal Rehabilitation application can only be submitted to the consulate so make sure you don’t confuse that with Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) which can be done at the Port of Entry and get a decision the same the day. The Criminal Rehabilitation application takes about eight to twelve months depending on the officer reviewing the file and the severity of the offence or offences on record.

The other thing that is very important about the Criminal Rehabilitation application is the difference between Deemed Rehabilitated and eligible to apply for the Rehabilitation application. To be considered Deemed Rehabilitated the immigration officer looks at the crime you committed, seriousness of the offence, how much time has passed since you completed the sentence that was imposed on you and how many offences you have on record. Therefore to be considered rehabilitated 10 years must have passed for one indictable offence and five years for two or more summary convictions.

If you are considered Deemed Rehabilitated then you don't need a piece of document to enter Canada. However the tricky part of this is the immigration officer at the border can still make the decision whether it has been 5 years or 10 years and come to a conclusion and consider you NOT rehabilitated based on the offences on your record. It is recommended that even if 10 years have passed since the offence was completed and whatever that was imposed on you to still file for the Criminal Rehabilitation application with the consulate and get the document from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that says you are rehabilitated. When you have the rehabilitated document the officer at the border cannot give you any hassle or deny you entry based on those grounds.

Another important part is that don't focus too much on the criminality side of it such as including documents what the offence is but forget to include supporting documents that they are rehabilitated. When attempting to cross the border or submitting an application at the consulate level you need to demonstrate to the officer that need outweighs the risk. You need to ensure you still include the FBI clearance and State Clearance which play an important role for approval or refusal.

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