Multiple or More Serious Offences

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Multiple or More Serious Offences and Denied Entry to Canada

If you were involved in the following types of offences you may be required to attend an interview and go through a much more thorough assessment of your background:

  • pattern of offences that suggests a criminal lifestyle;
  • use of weapons or explosives;
  • violence or hostage-taking;
  • sexual assault;
  • substance or alcohol abuse;
  • use of force;
  • trafficking of narcotics; and
  • fraud.

Mandatory Documentation for Criminal Rehabilitation

The onus is on you to ensure that the documentation provided clearly establishes the date at which the sentence was completed, and that the prescribed period of time has elapsed since the completion of the sentence. Some examples of such documents are:

  • criminal clearance certificates;
  • court records and transcripts should be obtained;
  • a copy of the foreign statute which states the section and elements of the offence that was committed;
  • Personal statement from you;
  • Documentation that establishes your identity must also be submitted

Now keep in mind that the above is the basic documents each application must submit. However, depending on the nature of your offense, how much time has elapsed and the reason for your travel to Canada, there will be additional documents needed.

At Akrami & Associates we have years of experience dealing with criminal inadmissibility issues. Please contact us and will advise you of what other documents you need to provide. We are here to help you move forward!

Also check our site dedicated for Denied Entry to Canada and Criminal Rehabilitation

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