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There are a number of reasons why someone might be denied entry to Canada. An immigration officer assessed in your application must consider many things including the overall safety of Canada when finalizing an application. Immigration officers were few in number of different things prior to running a decision.

Why is someone denied entry into Canada?

A person can be denied entry to Canada for a variety of different reasons. Among these reasons are:

  • Security reasons
  • Human or international rights violations
  • Committing a serious crime that might be punishable by a maximum prison term of at least 10 years in Canada
  • Having been convicted of a crime, including driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI or DWI)
  • Membership in an organization that these parts and organize criminal activity
  • Health grounds
  • Financial reasons
  • Misrepresentation
  • Not complying with other rules and regulations
  • Having in inadmissible family member

Before determining the next steps after being denied entry to Canada, you will need to determine why you are considered inadmissible. Depending on inadmissibility you'll need to compile the appropriate documentation that might satisfy an immigration officer. The document you will need to obtain is called a temporary resident permit. This permits overcomes Inadmissibility and allows entry into Canada. This permit is completely at the discretion of citizenship and immigration Canada and can be provided for both short term and long-term purposes.

How to Obtain Temporary Resident Permit

In order to obtain a temporary resident permit, you'll need to make an application at the office responsible for determining such applications. Depending on the type of inadmissibility, you also need to provide support and documentation, that demonstrates why you should be allowed to enter Canada despite your inadmissibility. For example, those with a criminal history, might provide documentary proof that shows that they have been in compliance with all their sentences and have not reoffended.

Documents You Require for a Temporary Resident Permit

Each matter of inadmissibility is unique and is assessed as such. Depending on your specific matter the documentation you will be required to obtain many different from another Temporary Resident Permit application. For this reason, the first up is determining your reason for inadmissibility. If you have a criminal inadmissibility, some basic documentation you will be required to obtain will be your court documents, proof of completion of sentences, your police and background checks as well as documents that demonstrate your reason for entering Canada. If you have a medical inadmissibility, for example, obtaining doctor's notes and growing proof of Medical Insurance might be some of the documents you should submit.

Process of Temporary Resident Permit

Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis and no average processing time is available. From experience, processing times can take up to the year if not longer depending on the uniqueness of the case. Processing times are completely at the discretion of citizenship and immigration Canada and immigration officer reviewing the application.

I have an urgent travel need, but had been denied entry to Canada, what do I do?

If you have an urgent travel need to enter Canada, for example work purposes, and have any inadmissibility and immigration officer at the border may still allow you to enter Canada temporarily for the purposes of your intended travel to Canada. In such circumstances, being prepare for what she will face at the border as well as having the right documentation on hand will be crucial in allowing entry to Canada.

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