Do I Need a Medical and Police Background Check When Travelling to Canada

Will I have to take a Medical Exam when travelling to Canada?

Medical exams are required of certain immigration applications. It depends on the nature of the application and this may be required of you, as the applicant, in order to finalize processing. See below on examples of when you might need to have a medical exam conducted:

If you plan to have jobs that require you to come close to people:

  • workers in the health sciences field
  • clinical laboratory workers
  • patient attendants in nursing and geriatric homes
  • medical students admitted to Canada to attend university
  • medical electives and physicians on short-term locums
  • teachers of primary or secondary schools, or other teachers of small children
  • domestics
  • workers who give in-home care to children, the elderly and the disabled
  • day nursery employees and
  • other similar jobs

If you stay more than 6 months, you need a medical exam if:

  1. Applying for Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
  2. Have lived temporally for 6 or more consecutive months:
  • One year immediately before you enter Canada
  • One or more of these countries or territories (See link below):

If you are still not sure if you need a medical exam, consult a visa office near you. If you do need a medical exam, the visa office will tell you how to proceed.

Can I take the Medical Exam with my own Doctor? How long is a Medical Exam valid for?

Medical examinations are to be completed from the list of panel physicians which means you cannot do your medical examination with your own family doctor. Your results are directly sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You have to remember that these physicians do not make the final decisions on your test results but Citizenship and Immigration Canada does. These medical exams are only valid for a period of 12 months. If you do not enter Canada within that time frame you are required to take a new medical examination. If your medical examination is incomplete or something wrong with the results the visa office will send you a letter and inform you and give you instructions on what to do next.

What do I have to bring during my Medical Examination?

  • Photo ID (passport, driver license or any other documentation that is valid in your home country)
  • Eye wear if you wear them such as glasses, contact lens
  • Medical reports or test results from past or present
  • Medical Form (IMM 1017E)

Can my Dependents do the Medical Examination in another country?

The medical examination is widespread in the world by designated medical practitioners (DMP). Therefore your dependents can have medical exams wherever there is service of DMP. Non-accompanying dependents are required to complete the medical examination if they don’t complete the medical examination this could affect them in the future of not being able to get sponsored to Canada under Family Class Sponsorship.

Who needs Police Security Check when visiting Canada?

If you are coming to Canada as a live-in caregiver, tourist, student or temporary worker you might be required to obtain a criminal and security check also known as the Police Certificate. The Police Certificate is a document which identifies if you have any criminal history in your past.

You are also required to obtain a Police Certificate if you are applying to become a permanent resident of Canada. These police clearance checks are completed by the immigration officer to make sure you are not a risk to Canadian citizens. If you are applying for permanent residency in Canada and you are 18 years of age or older you must submit a Police Certificate from any country you have lived for 6 months or more since you turned 18 years of age. If the country refuses to issue the certificate, you must ask them for a written statement confirming their refusal.

When do I have to submit my Police Certificate?

This depends on what category of Canada Immigration you are applying for and the Canadian Immigration Visa Office where you submit your application.

This certificate is valid only for a short period of time so you should ask the Canadian Immigration Visa Office where your application is issued for more instruction.

Where to get my Police Certificate from?

It depends on the country where you ask for the Police Clearance Certificate. You should seek for more information about how to obtain this certificate from each country. See the steps involved when getting your police certificate.


  1. Have your fingerprints taken at local police office
  2. Fill in your application and state clearly why you are requesting for one
  3. Include personal information
  4. Make sure your application is complete and includes the following
  5. the reason for your application
  6. the processing fees (if applicable)
  7. the third party consent letter (if applicable)
  8. Submit your application
  9. Verify the status of your application (optional)
  10. Electronic submission of fingerprints

What if I can’t get a Police Certificate?

All applicants should obtain the police certificates. In case, the country where you require the certificate does not provide, you must submit 2 document with your application:

  • a written explanation, and
  • an original letter from the police confirming they will not issue a certificate

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