Documents required when studying in Canada

Canada Study Permit Requirements

Sorry to break it to you but it is not an easy process when applying for a Study Permit to be eligible to study in Canada. Along with the study permit application itself, the government of Canada requires you to include a proof of acceptance, proof of identity, proof of financial support and a letter of explanation. Now, you may be saying “I don’t know what half of these documents are or consist of!” If you do find yourself saying or thinking this (most people do), contacting Akrami and Associates is the way to go because we will take you step-by-step in completing these applications and helping you complete each one successfully.

One of the main reasons most government applications get denied and returned to the applicants is because usually the applicant forgets to include a document, which is absolutely crucial to the application process because it gives the immigration officers a chance to doubt your application and once an immigration officer begins to doubt your application, they don’t think twice about your application and rejects it. However, we do not want that happening to our clients, at Akrami & Associates we have many years of knowledge and experience so when you hire us you can ensure the best possible outcome of your case due to our detail oriented staff and representatives.

Importance of Study Permit Documents

Since we do not want to see your application fail, let’s talk a little bit about all of the required documents when applying for a study permit to be eligible to study in Canada. I cannot stress enough the fact that including all of the required documentation is crucial to your application process, it can either make it or break it.

Acceptance Letter:

As mentioned earlier, the most important documents to include with your study permit application is a proof of acceptance, proof of identity, proof of financial support, and a letter of explanation. Let’s start off by talking about the most important document, the letter of acceptance. Before even thinking about applying for a study permit, you should have already acquired a letter of acceptance from a Canadian institution, whether it’s a primary school, secondary school, high school, university, college or any other institution you will be studying at during your time. Without a letter of acceptance, you will not have a chance of studying in Canada. A letter of acceptance is a letter from the institution stating that they will accept you at their institution when you arrive in Canada. The letter should provide all the information of the Canadian institution including their address, telephone number, website address etc.

Proof Identity:

For proof of identity, the government just requires proof that you are the person you are claiming to be such as providing a copy of your passport data page. Other documents (proofs) you can include are bank accounts under your name, proof of student loan from a Canadian institution, bank statements, proof of funding etc. Basically you need to include anything related to your study in Canada and how you will accommodate yourself.

Ties to Home Country:

Another very important thing to prove to the immigration officer is your ties to your home country. It is very important to prove home ties so that the immigration officer is content with the fact that you will be returning once your study period has come to an end.

Financial Requirements:

The form for proof of financial support is self-explanatory. Likewise its name an application for “proof of financial support is a form that requires you to insert your finances and income to see whether or not you are able to support yourself while you are studying inside Canada. As a single student you are expected to be financially stable to pay your tuition along with $10,000 for a 12-month period (or $833 per month) until your study period comes to an end.

Letter of Explanation:

Lastly (but equally as important as the rest of the documents), is the letter of explanation (if applicable). “What is a letter of explanation?” you may ask. Well, a letter of explanation is a letter to the government of Canada, in particular the visa officer, when you choose to apply for a study permit when you do not need one at that specific time. The letter will inform the visa officer that you understand your options. For example, the letter might say: “Dear Visa Officer, I would like a study permit for my eight-week English course because I would like to apply to a Canadian-university program after I finish the English course.”

Other Important documents:

Along with all of these documents, you will also need to obtain an eTA before you arrive in Canada. An eTA is an electronic travel authorization that every individual acquires when travelling to Canada that will determine if they have an inadmissibility issue to Canada.. An eTA has a small government fee of $7 CAD.

Why is my Study Permit not Approved?

Study Permit applications can be refused based on many reason but the most common reasons include not showing you

  • Not showing enough proof of being able to support yourself financially while studying in Canada.
  • Not passing medical examination if required
  • The officer was not satisfied for your reasons for travelling meaning they have reasons to believe your intensions are not just for studying but to remain permanently in Canada.
  • Did not demonstrate sufficient ties to your home country

    If your application is approved, you will receive a temporary resident visa in your passport. You will also obtain a letter of introduction confirming the approval. Once you receive your temporary resident visa, you will be good to go.

Contact Akrami & Associates Today!

If you do want to study in Canada, please do not hesitate to contact Akrami and Associates to make your application process successful and easy. We have dealt with hundreds of study permit cases and have had a very high success rate. Do not take the chance to complete your application and waste your money by it being denied solely because you forgot to include specific information/documentation. At Akrami & Associates we will make sure you do not miss any documents and help you execute a well thought out plan for obtaining your study permit.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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