Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program

What is the Express Entry?

The Express Entry System is a new electronic way of bringing together immigration programs already in place. These programs that are covered are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

What is the Express Entry goal?

Starting in January of 2015, the main goal of Express Entry is to connect you with Canada’s every changing and in demand labour market. It is called Express Entry because after you receive an invitation to apply, you can then apply for permanent residence, within sixty days, and have it completely processed within six months or less. This helps to make the process of immigrating to Canada easier and more organized.

What is Invitation to Apply?

An “Invitation to Apply” is simply just that, an invitation to apply for permanent residence. You must first create an Express entry profile stating all your information and qualifications. Then the profile is entered into the Express Entry Pool where the Federal Government, Canadian Employers, and Provincial and Territorial Government and select you based on the Comprehensive Ranking system. The more points you accumulate on the ranking system, the more likely to be selected. If you are nominated through a province or territory be sure to update your profile to include this as you receive bonus points, which will better your chances to be invited on the next round of selections.

Can I choose my own province or territory to live in?

If you chose a particular province or territory that you would like to live in, then you can apply directly to the province through the Provincial Nomination Program. Remember that the province of Quebec and the territories of Nunavut and Northwest Territories are not a part of the Provincial Nomination Program.

The time it takes to process Provincial Nomination applications does take longer, up to eleven months. Another key component to apply is that you must prove that you are financially able to care for yourself, and that you have no major criminal history.

I have received invitation to apply what is my next step?

If you have received an invitation to apply from a Canadian province or territory, you are obliged to move to that particular place. For example, the provinces and territories that select you from the Express Entry pool do so because you fit into their job markets needs at that particular time. This means you will more likely find work within that province or territory that you are best suited for. By choosing to move to another place you risk living within a community with no jobs that you best qualify for or worse, no opportunities at all.

Is Provincial Nomination a requirement for Canada immigration?

Provincial Nomination is not a requirement for immigrating to Canada. If you choose to not apply directly to a particular province, then you can apply to the Express Entry System.

Two ways to receive nomination by the province or territory:

Provincial Nomination

First option would be applying directly to the Provincial Nomination Program and then once they accept you, apply for Permanent Residence.

Express Entry

The second option is to create an Express Entry Profile. You will then be placed into the Express Entry pool. The Express Entry pool is an electronic system where all candidates are placed and ranked against each other through a points ranking system.

How does the Express Entry selection process work?

The selection process is actually set up in rounds. Information on when the invitation rounds take place are posted in the Immigration Canada website and not only include the date and time, but the number of candidates that will receive an invite and, if applicable, the specific immigration programs that will included. From the Express Entry pool, the provincial and territorial governments select you based the current labour needs within their specific province or territory. If a province or territory nominates you, you will receive bonus points.

How does the Express Entry point system work?

You are given points based on the information and qualifications you place in your Express Entry profile. Points collected are based on the Comprehensive Ranking System. The points are organized as follows:

  • Skills and Experience – max of 500 for single, spouse max to 460 points
  • Common law, or Spouse Factor – 40 points
  • Skill Transferability – max of 100 for single, spouse max to 100 points
  • Additional points – max of 600 for single, spouse max too 600 points

The grand total of maximum points you can be given is 1200. The waiting time and process for permanent residence through the express entry system is about 6 months or less.

Express Entry Supporting Documents:

What is a supporting document?

It is known as documents that are part of a requirement within an application process in which you are part of.

What supporting documents will you need after receiving an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence?

There are several documents that are going to be required of you to submit once you have your Invitation to Apply. These documents include:

  • Marriage certificate (when applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Travel documents- passport or whatever travel document you are required to have
  • Language test results – you must ensure that it will be valid on the day that you plan to apply for permanent residence
  • ECA (if applicable)- School or employment records (anything that you have obtained would be included within these documents)
  • Work reference letters
  • Security Background Check- this will count for you as well as anyone else in your family that is over the age of 18 and is applying to be coming with you. This will need to be completed in every Country/Territory that you have lived for a period of 6 months or longer since the age of 18. In some countries the process to receive these documents can be lengthy so in order to make sure that it is done in time starting it early may be a good idea.
  • 6 photos of each family member that is planning to come with you
  • Proof of income (if applicable/necessary)

If a common-law partner is applying to come with you then they may need to attach a few extra documents to their part of the application. The following are supporting documents that may be needed:

  • Copies of joint bank accounts that you may have together
  • Copies of lease, rental or mortgage agreements that you have together
  • Copies of your bills that are paid by the both of you
  • Proof of same address (can use mail and/or bills that are sent to the home)

Should I file my Own Express Entry Application?

Submitting your own Express Entry application can be quite a headache and very confusing for most people. Citizenship and Immigration Canada looks for many supporting documents and slightest error on your application can eliminate you from the selection process. Therefore, we highly recommend getting the assistance of an immigration expert that has dealt with these types of applications and making sure your application stands out from the rest of the express entry pool to be selected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for Permanent Residency.

Contact Akrami & Associates

For further assistance on how to become a provincial or territorial nominee, or qualify for the express entry system contact Akrami & Associates. Our immigration experts have great deal of experience in submitting express entry applications. We will make sure you have all the necessary documents outlined and take out anything that is unnecessary towards your application. If you would like to get a head start on these documents to make sure that you will have everything expected of you, please contact us and we would be happy to get a head start for you. We can guarantee that we can help you to make sure your application and all the documents are done right the first time. We will help you get started on making Canada your new home. Please feel free to call us at 416-477-2545 or our toll free number at 1-877-820-712.

If you decide on submitting your application you can purchase our Do It Yourself Immigration Kits which provides step-step guidance on what documents to include with your application, how to fill it out, where to submit it and much more. You can also purchase our Elite Kit in which one of our immigration experts will review your file and provide a consultation on the necessary changes you need to make in your application before submitting it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

At Akrami & Associates, There is Always a Way!

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