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Immigrate to Canada under Express Entry Route

Would like to live and work in Canada permanently? You can immigrate to Canada now as a skilled worker under the Express Entry System. Here are a few things you need to know about express entry and which program you can apply under.

What is Express Entry?

Express entry is the new system used by Canadian immigration to select individuals who can immigrate to Canada based on economic factors. This electronic system has been developed by the Canadian government to better and faster assess applications who will contribute to the Canadian labour market in the best possible manner. There are three economic programs that you can choose from, given your eligibility of course:

Remember, local labour market needs may also be met through recruiting from the Provincial Nominee Programs. There are two essential steps to entering the Express Entry System.

Express Entry Step one:

Firstly, you are required to make an online express entry profile and you will be asked to provide information on your education, languages, work experience and some other things. Individuals who meet the criteria of one of the three economic programs are placed into a pool of candidates who are ranked based on the comprehensive ranking system. The comprehensive ranking system is a system that establishes applicants who are potential immigrants to Canada under components such as:

  • Human capital
  • Accompanying family members
  • Skill transferability

Remember that having a job offer is very important for these economic programs. If you do not have a job offer from a Canadian employer then register under Canada’s Job Bank which is under Employment and Social Development Canada. They will help find suitable employment offers for express entry candidates. Also keep in mind that whatever you claim to be or have in your express entry profile online, you will need to prove this later on. Misrepresentation is not acceptable and could also lead to disqualification under the economic programs. In most cases having a job offer is not sufficient; your employer will need to apply for a labour market impact assessment to make sure your skills are needed in Canada.

Express Entry Step two:

You will be invited to apply for permanent residency if you ranked high in the pool of candidates. Your ranking is determined based on how many points you can get using a point-based system called the comprehensive ranking system. Points are given out based on things such as nomination, job offers, education, experience and skills. Once an applicant has been invited, they are given 90 days to submit an application for permanent residency online. This is the time when you have to back up the claims you made in the first step by providing documentation. All answers and documents will be processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. How long the case takes depends on how complete your information and how strong your case is. There is a time limit on how long your application can stay in the first step; you can reapply if you do not receive an invitation. Remember, once you have been invited, you can apply under one of these programs only:

Specifics of Express Entry profiles

Creating an express entry profile is easy as it is done online, however the information you are expected to provide has some specifications. For example:

  • Language test must be conducted
  • Education must be assessed to match Canadian standards
  • Contact eligible employers
  • Contact provinces about their nominee programs
  • See if you have any inadmissibility and deal with it before hand
  • Promote yourself to employers on job websites
  • Try to improve your experience, skills, education etc.
  • Conduct medical examination
  • Conduct police clearances
  • Reference letters must be obtained

It is very important to be one hundred percent prepared before you apply for any economic streams to migrate to Canada. This could be a complicated procedure and it is recommended that you consult an immigration professional before attempting to submit an application.

If any changes take place in your personal life or professional life you must inform Citizenship and Immigration Canada as soon as possible. For example, if you get pregnant, this should be told to immigration to avoid misrepresentation. Misrepresentation is a serious crime under immigration Canada and you could get refused and may not be eligible to apply for the next five years.

What happens after I submit Express Entry Application?

Once your application goes into processing, all your documentation will be checked and CIC might even call your employers and references to verify the information on file. Extra information and interview will be conducted at the discretion of an immigration officer. Your passport might be requested at some point but this does not mean you have been accepted to migrate to Canada. If you do get accepted to come to Canada under the economic programs, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter and your passport will be stamped. Please note, make sure your documents such as passports and medical clearances are valid when you finally travel to Canada.

One of the most important aspects of express entry is to show Canadian immigration that you have sufficient funds to establish yourself and your dependent (if applicable) in Canada. The best way to do is to start from the very beginning of your intent to migrate to Canada. Showing proof of funds should be your priorities. And there certain things that do not qualify as proof of funds under the economic programs.

Express Entry is not a new immigration program; it is simply a new way for citizenship and immigration Canada to assess economic immigrants. The goal is to minimize processing times and maximize job offers for the economic migrants.

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