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Express Entry is the way of getting your Permanent Residency in Canada. This video will discuss three important things you should know when filing through the Express Entry Route. Watch our video and learn what they are to submit a successful application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Express Entry Application

Express Entry application is the new way of getting your Permanent Residency to Canada. When submitting an Express Entry application there are three main things you should keep in mind the English results, WES and employment experience.

The first being your IELTS results (English Result). The IELTS is a test that measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work in environments where English is used as a language of communication. The more you score on this English test the higher your chances of success because you scored more points. So doing your best to get a good result is very important to the Express Entry application.

The second important document is the WES results. The WES is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable evaluations of academic credentials earned outside of Canada. So basically the WES checks the equivalency of whatever your degrees or certification you have received and compare it to the Canadian educational system.

The third important document is the employment experience that you have had in the last 10 years. This can be done by providing reference letters from employers, including a resume that outlines job description and job duties. Also, when including job duties and job description make sure you research under what NOC it pertains to such as A, B or O and outline this in your resume.

Don’t just randomly put a job descriptions in your resume because it is going to be a little difficult for service Canada officers to evaluate what NOC it pertains too. If your job description or job duties don’t fall under NOC A, B or O then chances of getting that application approved will be slim. Once you have figured out your NOC ask your previous employers to draft you a confirmation letter, in that confirmation letter make sure they outline the job descriptions and job duties.

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