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This video is about the benefits of the Express Entry Program for the employer. So if you are an employer and looking into hiring an experienced foreign worker then Express Entry would be a good start as you will get access to list of experienced foreign individuals that may qualify for the position you are trying to fill. Watch our video to learn about other benefits to you when hiring a foreign worker through the Express Entry Program.

Express Entry Benefits For The Employer

Are you an employer eager to learn more about the Express Entry Route? You may be wondering what benefits this route would provide for you specifically. To begin, one such benefit is that employers in Canada would have a direct role in recruiting immigrants to Canada. Therefore, instead of being a passive individual, the organization can pick which candidate they see fit for their team. This speeds up the process for the employer as well as increases the chances for the candidate in obtaining a Permanent Residency. Another benefit is that should the candidate receive a job offer from an employer, the employer then has right to do a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and possibly have foreign nationals in Canada on a Work Permit while their PR card is being processed. This essentially benefits the employer, since the candidate can start working as soon as the Work Permit is approved. Furthermore, Job Bank Canada would provide the opportunity for eligible employers to connect with suitable candidates (starting late 2015). This means that the employer will have an extra tool available for them to figure out which candidate is suitable for them, instead going through a bunch of resumes.

Another benefit for employers is that there will be no government fees, should they offer a Permanent Residency for the applicant. This is especially is beneficial, as the government fees for the LMIA has increased recently from $275 to $1000 per person (in Canadian dollars). This results in a significant financial gain for the employer. The last, but certainly not least, benefit is that the Canadian government promises that 80% of candidates they invite will receive their Permanent Residency in 6 months or less. This is a huge benefit for employers because in the past, PR applications took 12 to 18 months. In that time, the applicants either had to wait until the application was finalized to come to Canada, or they would have frequent expiration dates on their Work Permits while in Canada that caused renewal issues and extraneous government fees.

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