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Thinking of applying through Express Entry Route and not sure how long the process will take? Or have you applied through Express Entry Route and have not received any response from Citizenship and Immigration Canada? Watch our video to better understand the Express Entry processing time when you have submitted your application and processing time after you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency to Canada.

Express Entry Processing Time

With any application, there is always a question of processing time. The processing time for the new Express Entry Route is vastly different than what it was previously for the Economic Class. Before, once you gathered the documents and submitted the application within a reasonable time, you would receive a decision by 12 to 18 months (which CIC would regard as the application result). The Express Entry Route is not as simple or clear cut, you would have to upload all of your information and relevant documents to the government on the online portal to demonstrate that you would be economically established in Canada. Once you’ve uploaded it, there is nothing else you can do. You can, however, add or subtract and re-do the profile to make it more appealing, as you will be assessed against your other peers and candidates. However, during this process of uploading and creating a strong online profile, you will not know if you are going to be chosen. You could theoretically score the highest and have all the necessary documents but still not be chosen or invited to continue on your permanent residency. This could be because the government of Canada may believe your skill set is not something Canada is in need for, or various other reasons. Once you upload your information on the portal, the processing time may still not have started. Rather, during the fiscal year of the 12 months, the Canadian government could pick you at any point as the chosen candidate. Until that point, you would not know if you are going to be chosen or how you ranked. If you are not chosen within the set 12 months, you would have to re-do the entire process and post updated information on the portal for the next fiscal year. If you are chosen, then the government of Canada promises they will process your PR application in the next available time such that you will receive the PR within 6 months from the time you were invited to continue your Permanent Residency. This invitation would be from any of the following categories: Federal Skilled Application, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trade, or possibly even some nomination. Once you receive your Invitation to Apply (ITA) under one of these categories, you will have 60 days to gather all necessary documents and continue your application for Permanent Residence. Thus, once you receive the information, it is really time sensitive. However, if you complete the application within the allotted 60 days, you will receive your PR card within the following 6 months.

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