Family Class Sponsorship Inland vs Overseas Application Video

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Are you wondering how your Family Class Sponsorship application is processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)? How it is being processed depends whether you filed your application inland or overseas, watch our video to find out more on the Family Class Sponsorship application process.

Family Class Sponsorship Inland vs Overseas Application

You may be wondering how your Family Sponsorship Application is being processed by CIC. The processing differs depending on whether your application was an inland application or an overseas application. With an overseas family sponsorship application, the application will go through a two-step process. The first step is an assessment of the sponsor, to ensure that the sponsor is eligible to sponsor you as the applicant. Ones one eligibility has been confirmed, the application will be send to the consulate in your home country. This second stage involves assessing the person being sponsored (that is, the applicant). Generally, the first stage of assessing the sponsor has a faster processing time than the second stage of assessing the applicant. Assessment of the applicant involves ensuring they are eligible, they have no criminal or medical inadmissibility, etc. Similarly, an inland family sponsorship application also goes through a two-step process. The difference is that the first stage involves assessing both the sponsor and the applicant; essentially, the two steps of the overseas application being combined into one. However, the reverse happens in the second stage, which is used to assess the medical, criminal, and security background checks on the applicant. The second step of the inland application is usually processed much faster than the first step. Thus, if you are debating between filing an inland or overseas application, you may also want to factor in your time constraints and application processing times, such that you can adjust your life accordingly.

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