Do You Want to Sponsor Your Family Members?

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There are many ways to immigrate to Canada and it depends on you what application you wish to apply for immigration. The Federal Skilled Worker program is one of the most popular immigration programs of Canada. Every year thousands of people immigrate to Canada under this program. The mandate of this program is to attract talented and skilled professionals to join the Canadian community to help boost the economy. The Federal Skilled Worker program allows people to immigrate to Canada and thus helps them work and settle in the country.

Not Eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program? Try Family Class

Although, the FSW is open to a number of professionals, not everyone qualify for this program. With Canadian immigration policies getting more and more stringent, people are difficult to qualify for certain programs. If your profession is not part of the occupation list issued by the Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism department OR if you have not scored a min of 67/100 under the self-evaluation point system, then you can't immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program. However, you may have other options available to you.

How about Family Class?

The Family Class program, as implied by name, is a program dedicated for families wishing to reunite in Canada. Many permanent residences or citizens of Canada have their family members outside Canada and it is their deep desire to have those relatives with them permanently. Canada respects family values and acknowledges that this is an important matter for the families. For the very reason, the government of Canada has announced a completely different route for people planning to invite their family members.

I am a Permanent Resident of Canada. Can my Family Members Immigrate?

Although, there are provisions, it is not always possible. The first thing to understand is that there are only certain relationships that are eligible to immigrate to Canada under the Family Class program. You can sponsor your spouse (or common law partner), dependent children and parents/grandparents to immigrate. However, these applicants must also meet certain requirements and prove to be clean, both in character and in medical examination, to successfully immigrate to Canada.

Are there any Obligations on Me?

Please keep in mind that as a sponsor, you are whole and sole responsible for the invited immigrants. Although, the immigrants are encouraged to work and support themselves while they are in Canada, you must take it as your responsibility to support them financially called a Financial Undertaking. You will sign a legal agreement with the government of Canada, promising that you are ready to take this responsibility. This will ensure in turn that the immigrants will not turn to governmental assistance in meeting their daily living needs.

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