Medical Exams and Panel Physicians

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Typically, people applying for permanent resident status and in some case temporary status (depending on the situation) will require a medical examination.

These examinations will need to be completed by a panel physician. These physicians are designated by citizenship and immigration Canada to perform these medical tests.

Only a doctor authorized by CIC can do the immigration medical exam. You cannot choose your family doctor if his or her name is not on this list.

Here is Some Other Information on Panel Physicians and the Exam:

  • You can choose a panel physician anywhere in the world, even if the panel physician is not in your country of residence,
  • You must pay for the medical exam, and the cost can differ from one doctor to another,
  • You should confirm what you need to bring to your medical exam when you contact the panel physician's office to make an appointment. They may have unique requirements.

When Going to Your Appointment for a Test, Bring With You:

  • Proper identification.  You will need at least one document with your photograph and signature, such as a passport, driver's licence or national identity card,
  • Eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them,
  • Any medical reports or test results that you have regarding previous or existing medical conditions, and
  • The Medical Report form (IMM 1017E), if you do not undergo an up-front medical exam. The visa office will send you this form.

Note, an upfront medical exam is one you do voluntarily at the time of submitting your application. If one is not completed then, CIC will request this from you at a later date. Medical exams are valid for one year.

Further, you must pay any fees related to the medical exam when you are there. If your application is refused after your medical exam, those fees will not be refunded. Any fees associated to filing your application are your responsibility alone.

To locate a panel physician near you, you must refer the list of panel physicians located in your area or the area of your choosing.

The results of your test will be completely unknown to you, you will only receive a receipt of completing the exam. The exam itself will be send directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for their review. Only CIC and your panel physician will ever be aware of the results unless CIC provides these to you at their discretion.

Medical exams are conducted to ensure a number of different factors when considering your application for permanent residence:

  • Whether you have an illness that might be considered a danger to Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Whether or not your illness, if any, would be a burden on Canada's health care and social services should you be granted permanent residence

An officer can determine that you are medically inadmissible into Canada as a result of the above factors or others at their discretion. This may preclude you from obtaining your status.

In situations such as these, there is still hope. By obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit, you may overcome this inadmissibility. Contact us for further information and one of our skilled immigration practitioners would be eager to assist you.

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