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Family class sponsorship is geared towards the reunification of family members currently residing outside of Canada. This is different from an application to sponsor a spouse or Common Law Partner who currently resides in Canada, which is also commonly referred to as an "in Canada application." Sponsoring a family member from outside Canada has unique aspects in comparison.

These application types hinge on demonstrating the genuineness of your relationship as well as satisfying an officer that all other requirements have been met when it comes to sponsoring a spouse or common law partner. When sponsoring other members of the family class, other factors are considered.

With the help of our skilled Paralegals, Immigration Consultants or Immigration Practitioners, Akrami & Associates will be dedicated to the successful completion of your matter. After all, sponsoring a loved one comes with a great deal of pressure and heartache should you face refusal. Allow us the opportunity to assist you as you endeavour to have your loved on join you in Canada.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Sponsorship Application

When you consider sponsoring a loved one, there are a number of things you should consider yourself before attempting to do so. The first thing to consider is, "Am I eligible to sponsor?" or "Do I qualify as a sponsor?"

Sponsoring is not just the simple matter of being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada; there are many other obligations that you must fulfill and agreements you must make while sponsoring your loved one.

For example, when you sponsor someone they become your financial responsibility and you must agree to this in writing. This is actual a form you will need to complete in a long list of applications to sponsor called the Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking. It is here that you will have to agree to financially support the applicant. For spouses or partners, this agreement lasts three years from the day they become permanent residents of Canada. For dependent children, this will last 10 years or until they turn 25 years of age, whichever occurs first. You should be prepared for such an agreement as it is not to be taken lightly. It means that, for example, should your spouse, partner or dependent child utilize social assistance (welfare), you will be required to return these funds and be indebted until they are repaid.

This is just one of the responsibilities of being a sponsor, should you qualify. Again, there are preclusions to become a sponsor as well. You may not be eligible to sponsor for a number of reasons such as if you have not meet the agreement of a previous sponsorship agreement, have not duly paid alimony or child support from a previous court order or convicted of crime(s) of a certain nature.

Another thing to consider is your own means of entry to Canada. There is currently a sponsorship bar for previously sponsored people. This means that if a spouse or partner sponsored you, you now cannot sponsor a new spouse or partner within five years of becoming a permanent resident. This even applied if you received your Canadian citizenship within that time period.

These are just some of the reasons that may affect your ability to sponsor; there are many others that you should be aware of.

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