Who Can you Sponsor under Family Class?

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Members of the Family Class Include:

  • spouse, common-law or conjugal partner;
  • dependent child (no matter which parent is supporting the child, and also including children adopted overseas);
  • father or mother;
  • grandfather or grandmother;
  • orphan under 18, if sibling, niece or nephew, or grandchild of sponsor;
  • child under age 18 to be adopted in Canada;
  • one relative, if there is no member of family class who is Canadian citizen, Indian or permanent resident or who could be sponsored.

Adoptions and Orphaned Relatives

Adoptions include adoptions completed abroad and intentions to adopt in Canada. Sponsors must state which situation applies and whether the child is:

  1. already adopted,
  2. to be adopted abroad or
  3. to be adopted in Canada.

Sponsors must also state the country where the child is living, which may not always be the same as the child's country of citizenship. If the child is not yet identified, sponsors must state on the sponsorship application from which country they intend to adopt and provide the name to the visa office and provincial adoption authorities as soon the child is identified.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor an application for permanent residence from their orphaned relative who is less than 18 years of age.

Financial Test

Sponsors of adopted children are exempt from the financial test. However, sponsors of orphaned relatives must meet the financial test.

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