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How do you obtain a valid offer of arranged employment? How do you get an arranged employment opinion? Where do I have to submit an application for arranged employment?

These are all extremely valid questions that many employers and applicants struggle with. The answer to all three questions is essentially " Service Canada."

HRSDC is legally mandated to provide an opinion, much in the same way they issue labour market opinions for the purposes of work permits, that the requirements set out for a valid job offer of employment in an occupation listed in Skill Type 0 (Managerial occupations), Skill Level A (Professional occupations) or B (Technical occupations and skilled trades) of the NOC have been met.

In assessing the offer of employment, HRSDC verifies the following:

  • the genuineness of the offer of employment and the history of the employer;
  • that the job offer is for permanent, full-time, non-seasonal work;
  • whether the employment is likely to have a neutral or positive effect on the Canadian
  • labour marke

For employers that have received an LMO in the previous two years, the assessment:

  • considers employer compliance with respect to the terms and conditions approved by HRSDC in relation to wages, working conditions and occupation.
  • HRSDC requires employers to submit certain supporting documentation with their LMO application.

Validity of the HRSDC Assessment

Prior to issuing you your visa, officers will verify that the positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) relating to the offer of employment has not been revoked or cancelled. Officers will also ensure that no adverse information on the employer has since come to light before visa issuance.

In all cases, officers may contact employers to verify that the offer of permanent employment is still valid. Should officers see the need to confirm certain details about the job offer and documentation provided in support of a recent HRSDC assessment.

Officers need to be satisfied that the offer of employment is still valid. There may be instances where an LMO issued by HRSDC has expired while your application for permanent residence was in process. In such cases, officers may still issue you a permanent resident visa, if required, and if they are satisfied that the offer of employment is still valid and if HRSDC has not cancelled the LMO.

This means that your job offer cannot come from just anyone, it needs to be a reputable employer with not previous history of misconduct. Further, the offer itself will be scrutinized at many levels, be sure to avoid any delay or confusion by choosing the right employer for you.

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