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Canada chooses Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) to become permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in our economy. To obtain permanent residency in Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker watch our video if your work experience is on the recognized eligible occupation list and how you can meet the eligibility criteria to be selected by immigration Canada for permanent residency.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

To be eligible under  the Federal Skilled Worker Program you have to show that you have one year of paid work experience in the last 10 years. This means you should have at least one year of continues full-time or equal amount in part-time work experience in the same job which includes about 1,560 hours in total or about 30 hours per week. The experience has to be NOC A, B, or O. NOC O is for managerial occupations, NOC A is for professional occupations and NOC B is for technical occupations and skilled trades. If you have volunteered or done unpaid internship in an occupation that falls under NOC A,B or O then those hours cannot be counted towards your work experience.

It is very important that the employment reference letters demonstrate the specific job duties that is outlined under the National Occupation Code (NOC). If your application fails to demonstrate the duties under the NOC then your application will simply be refused as the job duties do not match the NOC.

Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program there is a list of eligible occupations which can either be found on our website or you can go on the government website Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and see the latest eligible occupations. The list of eligible occupations changes annually so ensure you have the latest list from the government website. Each year on May the list will be upgraded to a different list and possibly your occupation may not be on it. So, if your occupation is currently on the list, it is very critical that you file your application immediately because it cannot be guaranteed that your occupation will be on the list the following year.

Aside from the work experience you need to demonstrate that you meet the minimum point system which is 67 out of 100. Points are given for education, for having family in Canada, your financial situation and of course if you have arranged employment.

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