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According to a press release of March 2013, the Canadian immigration department has cleared the backlog up to 40% in the permanent residence applications. Applications that were lying in the offices for eight to ten years now don't need to wait more, because they have been cancelled permanently and the data erased. This was a shock for many applicants of permanent residence who were waiting for several years to get a decision - a positive decision - for their immigration from the visa office.

Right from the outset when Canada launched its Federal Skilled worker program, a huge influx of people from all around the world dropped their application. Of course, the lucrative job opportunities and the stable economy of Canada is a hot incentive for many looking for better employment opportunities. However, the government launched a series of strategies to limit the incoming of applications, including fortifying its eligibility criteria and announcing a list of needed professions, new applications continued to accumulate at a drastic rate. The Minister acknowledged the fact in the press release that the government has taken bigger bites than it can swallow and it is limiting their ability to process potential applications for skilled workers, which the Canadian labor market really needs.

The clear up started from 2008 and in the first quarter of 2012, the government of Canada announced that the backlog has been successfully reduced to 40%. Most of the applicants that became victim of this cancellation were those in the Federal Skilled Worker program who were waiting for last eight to ten years. The government put a halt to new applications from the Immigrant Investor program and Family class, however those in process for the latter continued without any interruption. But what about Federal Skilled Worker applicants?

Why Clear Up?

The backlog has been encumbering the government for last several years and was frustrating new and fresh talent to apply for immigration. It was a waste of efficiency as potential skilled workers had to wait a long time, the reason why many of them retract their application. For the immigration department, it was a huge achievement as the office could now focus on potential applications that could work for the growth of Canada's economy the ground motive for Federal Skilled Worker program. However, it was a heavy blow for applicants who were waiting for their immigration for last 10 years.

Provincial Nominee Program – Ray of Hope

Part of the clear up process, provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and others selected potential applications that showed interest in their province and held useful work experience. In November 2012, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that those people whose applications were cancelled under the Federal Skilled Worker program and that were picked by the province can now apply for an open work permit. The cap for each province was limited to 1500.

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