I am a Computer systems Analyst can I Immigrate to Canada?

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Computer systems Analyst Under FSWP

If you are a computer systems analyst and you are planning to immigrate to Canada, your chances for selection are high. Engineers and IT personnel are in high demand, not only in particular provinces but all over Canada. As more and more entrepreneurs are establishing their businesses, they require skilled computer specialists to deal with their technological problems.

Computer systems analysts are of specific important to corporate business of the IT industry. As new devices and technological solutions are being manufactured, more and more professionals are needed for research and development. These personnel are also employed in consultation firms both in private and public sector.

Federal Skilled Worker Program Welcomed Computer Systems Analyst up to 2011.

Computer Systems Analysts were able to apply for immigration directly under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The program offered eligibility to only limited professions, to a list of 27, and computer systems analyst were part of it. The Federal Skilled list of occupation was last updated in 2013. Unfortunately, Computer System Analyst are no longer on the list. Contact us so that we can assess your situation and see if you are eligibly under a different category.  Just because you no longer qualify under the FSW, does not mean you dont qualify under any program. Contact us today, and let us show you the way. 

To immigrate to Canada, consider the following steps:

Step 1: Score at least 67 

Besides the occupation, you are assessed on other factors as well. Factors based on your qualification, experience, age, language skills and adaptability, you will be given a score out of 100. To qualify you must score a minimum of 67.

Step 2: Prepare Your Application

Once we assess your qualifications and advise you of your eligibility then this is the time you prepare your application. It's important to know that qualifying for a program doesn't guarantee acceptance. A well-planned application is very important to get a positive decision from the immigration office. You must have complete information regarding the immigration requirements and policies, as well as the procedure. Applications that fail to meet these requirements are often responded with a denial.

If you are unsure about specific requirements, you should consult an immigration consultant. Your Immigration representative can not only guide you in immigration policies and requirements, but can also help you draft a powerful application; something very important for acceptance.

Step 3: Wait For The Decision

After submitting the application and supporting documents, all you need to do is to wait for a decision. You should consult the immigration office for the processing time of your application. Please keep in mind that due to large number of applications, delays are common in Federal Skilled Worker applications.

Sounds Complicated? We Can Simplify the Process for You

Our firm has provided guidance to hundreds of satisfied clients, many of them are settled today in Canada. Our qualified representatives ensure that all the requirements of the case have been met and the supported documents are properly attached before sending the application to the Canadian consulate. Since we have been in this industry for a very long time, we have the inside knowledge what works and what does not. We will try our best to present a comprehensive and appealing application to the consulate.

Arrange for Necessary Documents

We'll submit application from your behalf to the Canadian consulate. To make sure that the application is complete, your case representative will give you a document checklist that will bear the names of all the documents that are required. We will prepare your complete package, we'll draft your application forms and prepare a submission explaining your story to the immigration officer. Our submissions will describe your case as thorough as possible to increase your chances of success.

The entire process will go in a smooth and convenient manner. You will be updated about the status of your application from time to time and if something is needed, you will be immediately notified.

Contact Us

For further information with respect to your Canadian immigration, we invite you to contact our experienced immigration representatives. 

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