I am an Engineer how can I Immigrate to Canada?

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Engineers Under FSWP

There are basically two types of immigration in Canada. The immigration can be temporary residence or permanent residence. A few details of both types are discussed below:

Temporary Residence

Temporary residence is for people looking to come to Canada for a purpose that is temporary in nature. That purpose can be many different virtues such as vacation, education, training and professional work. The temporary residence visas therefore are broken down into three types of visas namely:

  1. Visit Visa: It is for people coming to meet family members or enjoying their vacations in Canada.
  2. Study Visa: As the name suggests, it is for students coming for educational purposes as Canada boasts many fine educational institutions.
  3. Work Visa: It is for people that are offered a job in Canada or have a branch of their current company in Canada where they are looking to switch over.

Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence in Canada refers to where we can use the actual meaning of immigration. It allows people to live in Canada for indefinite periods of time. However, it is not easy to obtain a permanent residence visa. A professional immigration lawyer can help in forming a solid case for successful application. The permanent residence visas have various sub-categories of:

  1. Visa for Professionals
  2. Visa for Businessmen
  3. Visa for Family members
  4. Visa for Canadian Experience holders
  5. Visa for Humanitarian purposes
  6. Visa for the Province of Alberta

What are the Details of Visas for Professionals?

You can qualify for Canadian Immigration as a professional person or a skilled worker. Most of the immigration to Canada comes through this visa category. It does not mean that it is easy. The process for applying is long and complex. An immigration expert can help you build up a strong case as a skilled professional looking to move to Canada. There are many sub-categories or professions that are mentioned under this visa program. A general overview of these categories suggests the following as the most prominent professions for Canadian Immigration:

  1. Industry Managers
  2. Engineers
  3. Computer Experts
  4. Therapists
  5. Medical Technicians

What are the Specializations of Engineers that are Required in Canada?

Canada has a very stable country that is on the path of continued success and growth. In modern times, engineers are very essential in growth of a region. It is because they form a core component of infrastructure that is needed to both build and sustain a society in modern times. There are various kinds and classes of Engineers that can immigrate to Canada under the Permanent Residence immigration. Some of these include:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Geological Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Computer Engineers

What are the Requirements for Engineers with Regards to Language?

There are two languages that are spoken in Canada with fluency. These languages are English and French. Both of these are the official languages of Canada. All forms of communication are done in Canada in both of these languages.

All professional looking to immigrate to Canada must first achieve a minimum level of languages used in Canada. They must meet the CLB 7 or NCLC 7, the Language Benchmark for residents. All people coming to Canada must maintain a minimum of the four basic skills of a language that are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Any person applying for a permanent residence visa must pass a language test as a minimum language requirement. This test can be taken from a third party. There are designated organizations by the Ministry which conduct these language tests. When applying for immigration, one has to attach their test results with their application for immigration.

Do Engineers become Successful Immigrants?

Yes, they do. Engineers are a very important part of working class and each year many Engineers successfully integrate into Canadian society. They are also very highly paid in Canada. This produces much attraction of Engineers to immigrate to Canada.

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