I'm a Graphic Designer Can I Immigrate to Canada?

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Graphic Designer FSWP

Creative heads have a good deal of opportunities in Canada. Architects, interior designers and graphic designers are in high demand and are sought by many employers. Graphic designers have a wide career prospects and they can work in a number of areas. The occupation falls under the 5241 NOC, Graphic Designers and Illustrators. These professionals are mostly employed by advertising agencies or companies with advertising or marketing departments. The main task of graphic designers are to visually represent information in a more attractive and meaningful format. Professionals work in brochures, signs, websites and multimedia. Project managers and supervisors, who work as heads in graphic designing departments, also fall under the same NOC.

Can I Immigrate Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

If you are a foreign professional who has worked for at least one year in a specific field, the Federal Skilled Worker program is most appropriate for you. However, there are other things that you must satisfy before you can apply for immigration. The Federal Skilled Worker program is the most sought program throughout the world and the government of Canada receives thousands of applications all year. Therefore, to make sure only needed skilled workers migrate to the country, Canada has announced specific guidelines.

As of 2013, Canada has announced a list of 24 occupations that are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The occupations are selected from the famous Canada's NOC. To see if you are eligible in the program, you must confirm that your occupation is among this list. According to the 2013's occupation list, Graphic Designers and Illustrators are no longer eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. So you cannot immigrate to Canada, at least not under this particular program. But that does not mean that you do not have other options.

How can I immigrate to Canada as a Graphic Designer?

Although, the Federal Skilled Worker is a very popular program, it is not the only route to immigrate to Canada. There are many other options. In such scenario, it is advisable that you contact us so that we can assess your situation and inform you of your options.

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