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Citizenship and Immigration Canada may offer one of the most attractive and comprehensive immigration systems in the world, this does not necessarily mean that they are the most efficient at processing applications quickly. Many applications have extensive processing times which leave the applicants in the dark and unsure of how to proceed until receiving much anticipated information from citizenship and immigration Canada. This information is usually received by either by mail or by email.

Many clients come to us because they felt they had been waiting an exorbitant amount of time and still had not received word from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This is not an unheard of situation as Citizenship and Immigration Canada uses its discretion to process applications as they see fit. They do not always maintain the average processing times is stated on their website.Understandably, applicants are stuck in the middle unable to proceed and unsure of what happens next. Further, many clients are unaware of their abilities or when or how to communicate with an officer making a decision on their matter.

When should you follow up on your application? How long is a suitable amount of time to wait before hearing back from citizenship and immigration Canada? These are all extremely valid questions.

Akrami & Associates understands the needs of applicants as well as the stresses that an immigration officer might be experiencing with processing applications. You have to remember, immigration officers are people like anyone else who are simply trying to do their job.

It is reasonable to follow up with an officer after the average processing time of your application has passed and if you still have not received any communication from them. At the same time, following up too much may aggravate the officer making a decision on your matter. Having an aggravated officer making a decision on your matter is not something you want.

Akrami & Associates has helped many clients by taking over the matter and following up when appropriate with an immigration officer. Anticipating their needs while respectfully pushing them in the right direction we help speed along your process and get the results you require.

Whether you already submitted your application or are just starting out, Akrami & Associates can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more details.

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