How long does it take to process an Application?

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Awaiting the processing times for applications can be an extremely stressful situation. Many people come to us without any idea of how best to proceed because they have not received a decision on the application. Though citizenship and immigration Canada offers one of the most comprehensive immigration systems in the world, it does not necessarily mean that it is the fastest. Application processing times can be extensive depending on the situation and you should be aware of your processing times prior to submitting your application. This will give you a sense of when to expect to hear a response from citizenship and immigration Canada as well as a general idea and understanding of what may be expected of you in terms of your wait time.

Processing times are at the complete discretion of citizenship and immigration Canada and an officer reviewing your application. Prescribed wait times can be found online. These are average processing times and this does not necessarily mean that you actually receive a decision on your matter within this time frame. Depending on the uniqueness of your matter, an officer may determine that further scrutiny is required or that a further documentation may be required to make a decision; this can lead to elongated processing times.

This is why submitting the right application with the right supporting documents is key to making sure that you satisfy an officer that you meet the requirements. This can mean the difference between longer processing times as well as potentially affecting a decision on your matter.

Further, just because you submit the required documents as per the checklist prescribed by citizenship and immigration Canada does not mean that you'll be automatically granted a successful application. The checklist basically outlines the minimum requirements to have your application assessed. It does not mean that it incorporates all the necessary documents required to satisfy an officer.

You'll need to anticipate the officer's needs and make sure that you submit the documents that they will want to see. This is a perfect example of how having legal representation can work to your benefit.

Akrami & Associates understands the needs of the officers and what they will want to see when determining whether not to approve your application. Though having legal representation is not an absolute requirement of any application, it will certainly benefit you while increasing your chances for success.

Akrami &Associates is dedicated to getting the results you desire. Contact us for further information and a skilled immigration professional will be happy to assist you further.

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