How Can I apply for Provincial Nominee Program

Applying for Provincial Nominee Program

As you know each territory and province has its own requirements when choosing to nominate immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). When applying you have to be aware that each province or territory has its own streams and criteria for their Provincial Nominee Program. What this means that each province has its own immigration programs that target specific groups. For instance, some provinces may only target students while other provinces may only target business people or skilled workers. So when you apply under one of the Provincial Nominee Programs see what that province is looking or targeting so that you have a higher chance of getting nominated. Remember information is getting updated regularly so ensure you check out the province or territory website for latest information.

How can I apply for the Provincial Nominee Program?

When applying for the Provincial Nominee Program the eligibility criteria varies based on how you apply whether it is paper based (non-Express Entry Streams) or Express Entry (Express Entry Streams).

Provincial Nominee through Paper Based application: Non Express Entry Streams

If you are applying for the Provincial Nominee Program through the paper-based process then as the applicant you need to meet minimum requirements of one of the province or territory’s non-Express Entry streams and you must get the nomination under that stream. Once you receive the nomination you can submit your paper application for permanent residence to CIC. When submitting a paper based application the processing times are longer than through the Express Entry route.

Provincial Nominee through online: Express Entry Streams

There are two ways to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program when choosing the online Express Entry.

The first is getting in touch with that province or territory you are interested in and apply for nomination under of the Express Entry streams. Once the province or territory chooses you then you can create an Express Entry profile or update your profile showing that you have been nominated by that province or territory.

The second way is creating your Express Entry profile and showing the provinces and territories you are interested in residing there. Once the province show interest in you, they will send you a notification of interest in your account in which you can then contact them directly. After that you apply to one of their Express Entry streams.

Whichever route you select you have to meet the requirement criteria of that province or territory and at the same time show that you meet the minimum criteria through your Express Entry profile and showing you qualify under one of the immigration programs. These program include

Once you receive the invitation to apply then you submit an electronic application to CIC. The processing times for most Express Entry applications are 6 months or less

What do I need to do to apply for Provincial Nominee Program?

To be able to apply for PNP you should first apply to a province or territory for the nomination, then you must be nominated by that province or territory of choice. Once you have received your nomination apply to Citizenship and Immigration website to become a permanent resident.

Remember, under the PNP Express Entry stream, you should first complete your online profile and demonstrate that you meet the minimum requirements for the Express Entry

Provincial Nominee Program Processing Times

When applying through the online Express Entry stream the processing time is approximately 6 months. Because the Express Entry is a new system not enough application have been received and processing times are not really available, but CIC has committed to process most of these application in six months or less.

Application Process for Provincial Nominee Program

Depending on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you select, based on that you can see whether you need to apply through paper based application or online application. Whichever method you choose to select you must apply in two stages:

Provincial Nominee Program Application Stage 1

The First Stage includes, deciding where you want to live in Canada and then apply to that province or territory for nomination. Once you have applied for that province, your application will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Immigration need of that province
  • If you will really live in that province (will not get nomination if the province believes you will only stay for temporary basis and leave after you get your PR)
  • If you meet the minimum criteria for at least one of the federal immigration programs that fall under the Express Entry such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class. (this only applies to applicants that apply for the Express Entry only)

If you apply for the Express Entry, during the profile creation you will be asked which provinces and territories you are interested in. Depending on how you score the province may contact you and ask you to submit a Provincial Nominee application so that they can nominate you. If you have already received a nomination from a province ensure you include this when creating your profile.

Also, each province and territory can change their selection criteria without any notice. If you like to be nominated go on the province website and follow instructions for there or contact them directly.

Provincial Nominee Program Application Stage 2

During the Second Stage, once the province or territory nominates you, you should go to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website and apply for permanent residence. In here CIC will take a look at your application and assess it based on Canadian immigration law. If you got nominated through one of the Express Entry routes, then you should be invited to apply by CIC before you can submit an online application for permanent residence.

Do I need to go through Medical and Police Check for Provincial Nominee Program?

Most immigration applications require you to go through a medical and police clearance. To be eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program you have to pass a medical exam and get police certificate. No matter where you are you have to get these checks done to be able to live in Canada.

Express Entry Updates:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is updating the Express Entry, some of these changes include:

  • Receiving points if you studied in Canada
  • If you have a job offer it only needs to be valid for one year and some jobs offers no longer require Labour Market Impact Asssessment (LMIA)
  • Points allocated for job offer has changed
  • Invitation to Apply has changed from 60 days to 90 days.

Applying for Provincial Nominee Program? Contact Akrami & Associates

When it comes to making sure you are applying for the correct Provincial Nominee Program, it is best to speak with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject. Someone who can guide you to make sure that your profile is exceptional and that it is complete with the components that are required. When trying to figure out what your next move is, we recommend contacting Akrami & Associates. Akrami & Associates has great deal of experience with PNP application and Express Entry applications. If you like to immigrate to Canada and help you through one the Provincial Nominee Programs then contact us today at 416-477-2545.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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